Certification Study Resource

For starters first go to register at for a free account. Then download the Fundamentals ebook – This book is intensive and requires a lot of reading. It guides you in building your first application using different kind of relationships, adding security, loading data via excel and alot more. It doesn’t cover some […]

Exam Preparation- Study Guide for Certified Developer

I’m retaking it again this May. In less than 30 days to be exact. So I’m utilizing this blog now as my resource center. The exam I failed is for the Certified Developer. The Certified Developer certification exam encompasses the declarative capabilities of the platform. To achieve this credential, a candidate […]

Failed my certification exam

I still could not get over it. I came in prepared thinking I can answer any questions thrown at me. Turns out the certification is way harder than I expected. After the exam I was like brain dead for a minute on what the hell happened. I got another chance to take it again this […]

Google Topeka

As a sign of gratitude to city of Topeka, Kansas renaming their city to Google. Google on behalf has renamed the company to Topeka as officially announced on their blog. Go ahead Topeka it on Topeka’s search engine. Happy April 1st Apr 1, 2010lopau

Hit by Xoom Remittance to the Philippines

Seems alot of people are complaining on the new policy of Xoom. Xoom recently announced that they would stop remittance to the Philippines from non US credit cards or accounts. And later confirmed by an email I sent to their customer service. Thank you for contacting Xoom Customer Service. Firstly, I would like to […]

I keep losing Pagerank

I just noticed that I lost my pagerank on this blog again “Pagerank not Available”. Actually it has been on and off since last year. Check my post last year when my page rank disappered and then came back. Wierd, as I’m not doing any duplicate content and actually this blog hasnt that been active […] Certified Developer

Okay been studying for awhile now and I just enrolled for the exam for Certified Developer. Still one month and half to go but I still need alot of preparation. I’ll take the proctored exam April 21st. Wish me luck. Feb 24, 2010lopau

Looking back at 2009

Wow time flies real fast. Before anything else I want to greet everybody a happy holiday and hope you have a blast last Christmas. This year has been good to me specially after my car accident last February where I wrecked our car but came out with just just some minor bruise and a couple […]

Word Wrap on Eclipse

Over the past few months I’ve changed my working environment(IDE) for PHP from Dreamweaver, which I have been using for the last past years with occasional use of PHP Designer 2007, 2008. It did the work but I wanted more features and tools. Then I switched to ZendStudio built on Eclipse. It was complete and […]

Google Adwords Pending/Under Review

Seems like I’m not the only one experiencing this issue with running a new ad on Google Adwords. Previously when I run an ad it would get approved in less than 5 minutes. Now it’s more than 24 hours and my ad is still not running. The ad is even a simple one, we just […]