VisualForce Row Count

This is my first tutorial on VisualForce – a markup language for The scenario was I needed to display a numbering for each child record found on the master record without coding an extension or using a controller. My solution. Code below would loop to the child records and display each result found. The […]

DIY: HP Laptop Power Adapter Repair

Got my wife one of those netbooks HP 2140 last year, the last couple of months it suddenly won’t turn on. The warranty was out and thought of the worst like motherboard failure etc.. Luckily it turns out the battery was drained and the power adapter was not working to charge it. After some googling […] Certified Developer retake

After a few months after failing my 2nd attempt to get certified, actually its me and my colleague that failed the 2nd retake. Now this is my third retake and I have more experience developing applications on so I feel more comfortable that I would really pass it this time. Have close to 3 […]

Fixing power problems with LG Flatron Monitor (LG1753S)

You probably ended up on this page as have power problems with your LG Flatron monitor? I managed to solve that and helped others to fix theirs with this post. A couple of days ago during the weekend, I booted up my trusted PC lo and behold I heard the Windows startup sound but my […]

Force Update your HTC Hero (GSM)

If you still haven’t received your update your HTC Hero (GSM version) for Andriod Eclair(2.1) from the stock Cupcake(1.5). Eventually the Andriod 2.1 update has been rolled out in the Taiwan, US, Asia and Europe. The update is over the air. Here is a trick I learned on how to force update it if you […]

Object Relationships and Fields

May 6, 2010lopau Custom Objects

Most of the work revolves around creating custom objects, there are standard objects provided by the platform but custom objects are the core structure data model that makes your application relevant & useful to your organization. Custom Objects are the the heart of any application – provide a structure for storing data – power the […]

Key Technologies Behind the Platform

Multitenant architecture – An application model in which all users and apps share a single, common infrastructure and code base Metadata-driven development model – An app development model that allows apps to be defined as declarative “blueprints,” with no code required. Data models, objects, forms, workflows, and more are defined by metadata. NOTE: There is […] Understanding the Basics

The applications you build on follows a building block layer logic of MVC(Model-View-Controller). Being able to quickly identify on which building block you are working would help on studying the different exam outline. From wikipedia. The model is the domain-specific representation of the data upon which the application operates. Domain logic adds meaning to […] Certification Study Resource

For starters first go to register at for a free account. Then download the Fundamentals ebook – This book is intensive and requires a lot of reading. It guides you in building your first application using different kind of relationships, adding security, loading data via excel and alot more. It doesn’t cover some […]