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I’m Paulo Orquillo aka “lopau”, this is my tech blog where I post about stuffs and trends about technology. I’m a creative technical guy with a knack for getting things done.

Hope you find the content I share on this site useful and provides value.

In a word, I’m a lifelong learner.  A self-taught designer and developer. Started as a graphics artist way back in 1999 when I got my first gig by joining a logo contest and winning it. I then started a side hustle of offering graphic design services. I further grew my skills learning HTML, CSS, Javascript and creating Flash animations. As I progressed I eventually evolved into a web developer acquiring skills in Linux, PHP, MySQL, AWS, and Javascript.

With a lucky break, I got hired in a company in Dubai as a remote web developer, and during that time I came across Salesforce. Adding Salesforce as a skill proved to be the most valuable thing as there was a high demand for this skill. Currently a Salesforce Technical Consultant for a leading Salesforce Partner in Auckland, New Zealand.

I’m 18x Salesforce Certified, meaning I have a bunch of certifications. I’m also an integration junkie and passionate about building system integrations. I’m Boomi and Mulesoft certified.

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Always curious and trying new stuff like machine learning with Python, building websites with Django, tinkering with WordPress, building Alexa skills, dabbling with Node.js, DevOps, AWS, Google Cloud Compute, building mobile apps with Swift and creating games with Unreal Engine.

Always looking for opportunities to learn, collaborate and improve my skills.

On the personal side, I’m a happily married guy with a loving wife and father to 4 daughters. I’m into personal finance, investments, reading books, on a mission of building different passive incomes, traveling, tasting different kinds of beer, snowboarding, photography, mountain bikes, motorbikes and I love keeping my body fit by doing calisthenics exercise.

I have other blogs and my own company.

Passive Income Talks – where I blog and share tips on building passive income streams, not a get-rich scheme, but the slow grind that compounds in the end.

Motorcycle Driving School Cafe – a blog I acquired where it teaches beginners how to get a motorbike license and tips for riding safely.

Quonsepto Limited – my company that I keep on growing and adding new products.

I have a couple of Youtube channels. Check both out and subscribe. 

Check my Amazon Shop for recommendations and idea list.

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