Finally moved my blog hosting to be hosted on the Cloud with AWS EC2 Micro package

When I first signed up to Bluehost they advertise the $4.95 per month cost of shared hosting. But after your the first(year(s)) subscription runs out the monthly would be $8.95/month and that’s not so cheap. Since I’ve been into Cloud Computing for years and my not so active blog needs a new host I finally moved my blog hosting from shared hosting on bluehost to Amazon Web Services EC2 for FREE. I chose a Micro Instance with an Ubuntu Linux image and got setup my server setup in 5 mins.

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Cloud Experience

Got the chance to mess around with Amazon EC2 console. And was really amazed on how fast setting up a server with AMI(Amazon Machine Image) is. Just browse from already existing thousands of AMI then launch. That simple.

One experience though that I don’t like somehow are that these LAMP AMIs seems a little flaky. I was looking into CentOS LAMP AMI. First thing I do after connecting to SSH on the instance is check if all LAMP is working and what version they are on.

First AMI I selected, apache restart doesnt work properly, I get the

apr_sockaddr_get_info() error

tried troubleshooting it then finally quit. Terminated the AMI and launched another one.

Then on the next other instances I can’t connect to MySQL but Apache and PHP are working right.

ERROR 2002 (HY000): Can’t connect to local MySQL server through socket ‘/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock’ (2)

Terminated the instance again and started a new one but still get the same error on MySQL. The solution I found is to simply install all the updates to overwrite any corrupted files.

Simply yum

#yum -y upgrade mysql mysql-server php-mysql

Now my LAMP is working great and ready for more cloud computing.

Understanding Cloud Computing

I always come across the term Cloud Computing several times but not really sure on all the jargon and buzz. It’s like a new term but you may already be working on them. Just like RIA or Rich Internet Application before the term was coined and becoming the default name you were already builiding RIA, Sun came out with a free White Paper guide explaining Cloud Computing.

In 25 pages, this free guide:

1. Defines cloud computing and its benefits
2. Explains the different types of clouds (public, private, and hybrid)
3. Describes the architectural service layers (e.g., Software as a Service)
4. Details the underlying virtualization technologies
5. Suggests next steps and actions to get started

Get your White Paper now free here.

Quoted from the White Paper.

In many ways, cloud computing is simply a metaphor for the Internet, the increasing movement of compute and data resources onto the Web. But there’s a difference: cloud computing represents a new tipping point for the value of network computing. It delivers higher efficiency, massive scalability, and faster, easier software development. It’s about new programming models, new IT infrastructure, and the enabling of new business models.

Simply put it’s creating on-demand web applications, less hardware for the client, less system admin to handle the hardware and very scalable.