Looking Back at 2020

Happy New Year! Hope everyone is safe. This is my yearly recap as I look back on stuffs I have set out to do for 2020 and setting out new goals for 2021. 2020 was a roller coaster ride. It was the pandemic year where millions of lives have changed around the world and brought […]

How To Install Firebase Pods on Apple Silicon Macs

When trying to install firebase pod and you try to build that project in Xcode you might end up with this error. FIRAnalyticsConnector’ for architecture arm64clang: error: linker command failed with exit code 1 (use -v to see invocation) To get around this. Delete the xcworkspace, update your Podfile. On your Podfile you need to […]

Error Running CocoaPod pod install on MacOS BigSur With ffi

On MacOS Big Sur, running pod install against a simple Podfile is throwing an error in Ruby. Podfile LoadError – dlsym(0x7fc9ddbb5340, Init_ffi_c): symbol not found – /Library/Ruby/Gems/2.6.0/gems/ffi-1.13.1/lib/ffi_c.bundle To get around this error. It seems you have to install ffi and disable the ffi ruby library that comes shipped with MacOS Big Sur. After running the […]

How to Install Intel Apps From The Terminal On M1 Apple Silicon Macs

With the latest Apple Silicon M1 Macs. Program compatibility was going to be an issue with early adopters as not all applications for the M1 which uses a different arm architecture compared to intel architecture apps. For Apple to get around this problem, they introduced Rosetta 2. This app is sort of an emulation software. […]

How To Validate Lightning Component forms In Flow Screens

If you are looking to learn how to validate custom lightning components forms in a flow screen then hopefully this post could shed some light on what can be accomplished and the solutions implemented around it. So far, I found it straight forward to add a custom lightning component in a flow screen, simply specify […]

How To Use Decorators In Lightning Web Components

My goal is to upskill on Lightning Web Components(LWC) and create a course in the next few months. Aside from learning kebab case is not a food, the other thing that made me scratch my head when I dabbled with LWC was decorators. I used them but didn’t fully understand what they are. Anyway, I’ll […]

How to Add SceneDelegate to an Existing Storyboard Project in XCode

I have an old project previously built on IOS12 and now trying to add new features on IOS 13. One of the things I’m trying to wrap my head around before I start adding new functionalities to my app is the introduction of UIWindowScene and the support for multiple window for iOS and iPadOS. What […]

How To Set Up CICD On Bitbucket Pipelines With Salesforce DX And Delta Deployment

Learn how to setup set up CICD delta deployment with Salesforce DX. Tips and tricks for authorisation , setting up node and the basic git commands. I’m revamping our CICD process with Salesforce DX and Bitbucket Pipeline with the following initial setup which will only a delta deployment Authentication method – authorize an org and […]

How To Use Javascript Promises with Lightning Components

Javascript Promises has been around for a while but only got the chance to use it on some of the aura component pieces I started working on. In analogy you make a promise and either you fulfil or break your promise. In Javascript Promises context these translate to “resolve” meaning promise is fulfilled or “reject” […]

How To Generate a Self-Signed SSL Certificate With SAN

For development and integration use cases you may need to create or renew a self-signed certificate and store the certificate to your web server host or pass the certificate to your target system to trust only connections from an app using the certificate. If you are storing the certificate on your webserver and enabled only […]