How To Set Up CICD On Bitbucket Pipelines With Salesforce DX And Delta Deployment

Learn how to setup set up CICD delta deployment with Salesforce DX. Tips and tricks for authorisation , setting up node and the basic git commands. I’m revamping our CICD process with Salesforce DX and Bitbucket Pipeline with the following initial setup which will only a delta deployment Authentication method – authorize an org and […]

How To Use Javascript Promises with Lightning Components

Javascript Promises has been around for a while but only got the chance to use it on some of the aura component pieces I started working on. In analogy you make a promise and either you fulfil or break your promise. In Javascript Promises context these translate to “resolve” meaning promise is fulfilled or “reject” […]

How To Generate a Self-Signed SSL Certificate With SAN

For development and integration use cases you may need to create or renew a self-signed certificate and store the certificate to your web server host or pass the certificate to your target system to trust only connections from an app using the certificate. If you are storing the certificate on your webserver and enabled only […]

Milestone Reached! 1000 Subscribers in my Youtube Channel

Finally, thanks to viewers and subscribers to my channel. Just Another Dang How To Channel – a channel where I share how-to tech videos. A small milestone for me but super happy. It’s been a roller coaster ride reaching this milestone. June 8, 2020 I started the channel way back Feb 2017 when Youtube didn’t […]

How To Use Map Object In Aura Lightning Component

By Salesforce documentation, you can define several collection types including a Map. A Map collection allows you have a key/value pair where the key is unique. Declaring such is easy by adding the following But in your controller, if you try to do any Map functions such as keys(), set(key, value), values(), you get an […]

How To Create Symlink For Sublime Text and Visual Studio Code in a Mac

This tip is for creating symlink for your favorite text editor, it is like an alias but more powerful. This would allow you to launch the application from the command line. ( You can do the same by setting paths as an alternative to symlinks). Symlinks can only be created from the terminal. First find […]

How To Replace Salesforce Metadata Before Deploying using Ant Scripts

My particular use case is for Salesforce ant deployment. I wanted to replace some metadata before I deploy to the target org which will allow me to automate the process. I can fetch metadata from my sandbox org and when it gets deployed to the target org like production the values will be updated. You […]

Fix Swift Framework Error: Module compiled with Swift 5.1.3 cannot be imported by the Swift 5.2.4 compiler:

Chances are you upgraded to the latest Xcode and along with it, your Swift compiler is updated as well. Then existing projects using a particular project have stopped working with similar error such as. Or you are checking out some hosted on code on Github using some framework, the framework might have been built using […]

Troubleshooting pod install Error on CocoaPods

Going through the Getting Started guide for Firebase I encountered this error ‘JSON::ParserError – 767: unexpected token at ‘ and thought to blog and share how to fix it. I went to the Xcode project directory in the terminal and ran Then I defined the PodFile spec But when I ran I encountered this error […]

How To Fix [Cannot read property ‘setParams’ of undefined] for Application Event in Aura Components

Component.cmp Controller.js Are you receiving cannot read property ‘setParams’ of undefined after assigning an event? This indicates that $A.get(“e.c:CRMAppEvent”) cannot find the event and any reference to setParams method or any properties of the event would eventually be undefined. To fix this you need to set your application event access to global CRMAppEvent.evt May 10, […]