Troubleshooting pod install Error on CocoaPods

Going through the Getting Started guide for Firebase I encountered this error ‘JSON::ParserError – 767: unexpected token at ‘ and thought to blog and share how to fix it. I went to the Xcode project directory in the terminal and ran Then I defined the PodFile spec But when I ran I encountered this error […]

How To Fix [Cannot read property ‘setParams’ of undefined] for Application Event in Aura Components

Component.cmp Controller.js Are you receiving cannot read property ‘setParams’ of undefined after assigning an event? This indicates that $A.get(“e.c:CRMAppEvent”) cannot find the event and any reference to setParams method or any properties of the event would eventually be undefined. To fix this you need to set your application event access to global CRMAppEvent.evt

How to Fix Salesforce Deployment Errors: InfoNot a valid enumeration for type

If your deployment strategy still evolves around ant deployment and not the new Salesforce CLI and you encounter this error on your deployment. Failed to check the status for request ID=0Af0r00000ClbNgCAJ. Error: InfoNot a valid enumeration for type: class com.sforce.soap.metadata.DeployProblemType. Retrying… While digging around, I found out this is a tool issue. Chances are your […]

How to Fix Compilation LWC1010: Failed to resolve entry for module

This LWC1010 compilation error is caused by an invalid reference to the component filename. By default camel case component folder names are mapped to kebab-case in the markup when calling them from Lightning Web Components. To resolve entry for module errors check the proper naming and hyphen. Eg. myComponent would be my-component Visual Studio code […]

How to Fix Salesforce Deployment Errors: Platform Encryption cannot be enabled for standard fields when Portals are enabled.

Go to Salesforce Classic UI and search under Setup for “Customer Portal” and Disable Login Enabled. You should move your portal to Communities where Platform Encryption is supported.

How to Fix Salesforce Deployment Errors: You may not modify the permission Connect Org to Customer 360 Data Manager while editing a Standard Profile

If you try to deploy the Admin profile and might get this error if you have Dev Hub enabled on your org. You need to edit the Admin profile and remove the following lines

Passed The Heroku Architecture Designer Exam (Part 1)

This a late post and is part 1 of 2 parts are there is quite a bit of content to digest. Background Story: One of my goals last year was to certified in Heroku. I studied my butt off for 3-4 weeks to prepare for this exam. I have web development experience but haven’t deployed […]

How to Fix Salesforce Deployment Errors: source:push “You may not modify the permission Access Tracer for External Data Sources while editing a Standard Profile”

There are some permissions that are not applicable to a scratch org and this is one of those weird ones. Pushing the standard Admin profile to my scratch org I encountered this error. You may not modify the permission Access Tracer for External Data Sources while editing a Standard Profile. To fix this you need […]

How To Enable SObject Intellisense in VSCode for Salesforce DX

Quick Tip. Salesforce DX already comes with Intellisense for Apex classes and the different primitive types. Eg. Strings For SObjects it’s a per-project setting you need to enable once you have your project created. Open the Command Palette and choose SFDX: Refresh SObject Definitions What the command does under the hood is it will create […]

How To Get Started With Org Development Model With Salesforce DX

There are two development models you can follow with Salesforce DX. First is the package model where you develop against a scratch org and prepare all the components that are needed to deploy, similar to change sets but smarter as it handles the dependencies for you. We will talk about this more in the future. […]