Xiaomi MI Power Bank 3 Ultra Compact Review

Looking for a compact-size power bank? Check out my review of the Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 3 Ultra Compact.

For this holiday season, we traveled back to the Philippines. And when traveling and always on the go, you would certainly need some extra juice, and recommend getting a power bank.

So the Mrs. was shopping around for a power bank and asked me what brand to get, being the gadget guy that I am I told her I’ll help her out. She wanted something light and small that could easily fit in her small purse.

The Xiaomi Mi Powerbank 3 Ultra Compact with 10000maH is what we ended up getting based on her budget. 

It’s small and weighs about 200g, it has 9cm height × 6.3cm width × 2.4cm depth. Though it feels a bit chunky it can still easily fit in any small purse or in your pocket.

So what’s in the box?

You get the power bank, a USB to type-c cable, and the manual. Unfortunately it does not come with any charger, you would need to use one of your chargers.

It has a 4 led indicator on top, out of the box it is half charged (most lithium-ion powered devices do) – when on the shelves it needs a small charge to retain battery integrity especially when stored for a long time.

Note: It was suggested by the sales guy to fully charge the power bank before using it.

Key Features

It has 2 USB A ports with an output of 22.5W.

The other key feature for me is that the mi power bank has a two-way USB C port that is both input and output.

  • Lower budget range power banks only had USB-C input port – meaning this is only used for charging the power bank
  • The USB-C output is also rated at 22.5 W  for fast charging your device.
  • Something to note is that input is 18W only

You can fast charge up to 3 devices with this power bank.

Alternatively, you can charge the power bank using the extra Micro USB port.

Rated at 10000mah

  • iPhone batteries are normally in the range of 3200maH (tested it out with an iPhone 14 pro)
  • So we can get 3 full charges on this one and a little bit of extra juice left in the tank.

Other cool features worth mentioning are the built-in protection from temperature, overcharging, and short circuits, which are all controlled within the IC chips.

Check out this slide for all the built-in protection it supports.


There is a button on the top is multi-purpose. With no device connected, you can press the button and it would indicate the current battery level. The LED will light up and start blinking for about 15 seconds, which is perfectly normal.

If you connect to any of one of the USB A ports or USB-C input ports and connect a device it would instantly start charging. If you disconnect the device and connect it again, you may need to press the button to start charging the device. It is not automatic.

Then to charge the power bank, you can use the micro USB port of the USB-C port (both inputs are 18w). The led will start flashing indicating it is charging and stop lightning when fully charged.

Pretty simple to use.

Overall Summary


The Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 3 build quality feels alright, the sleek design is great but the material is made of plastic. It gives that cheap not durable feel. I already dropped it from a table height and it made a dents pretty easily.


The small and compact size plus the two-way USB-C input/output are the standout features. Though a bit chunky I feel for a 10000mah power bank. 


As for the price. It is fairly priced given the small size and features it offers.

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