Quad Lock Mag Case for iPhone 14 Pro Review

I got my iPhone 14 Pro a few months back and I needed a new case. While shopping around for a phone case,  I got excited when I found out about the world of Quad Lock and the new Quad Lock Mag that just got released. I never heard of them before and I researched them a bit deeper.

It’s my first time owning one of these.

  •  One of the standout features of the Quad Lock Mag Case is its unique mounting system.  Quad Lock features a patented dual-stage locking mechanism that securely locks your phone to the mount. It has tons of positive reviews.
  • And the Quad Lock system comes with a wide array of accessories like the mag ring which you can customize with different colors.

What I purchased, in particular, is the new Quad Lock Mag case which allows you to charge using Apple Magsafe without removing the case

  • The Quad Lock Mag case is compatible with all Quad Lock mounts.
  • Customizable with colored mag ring
  • Strong magnets allow you to attach your phone to various surfaces
Quad Lock Mag Case for iPhone 14 Pro

What’s in the Box?

Packaging is super simple, just a simple pull tab to open and they are big on recycling. Just the case and manual. No additional plastic wrappers.

The polycarbonate material is used for the outer shell of the case, while the silicone inner layer is used to line the inside of the case and help protect your phone from impacts and scratches. The combination of the polycarbonate outer shell and the silicone inner layer helps to ensure that your phone is well-protected against the elements and accidental drops.

Easy Installation

The iPhone has a huge camera bump at the back and with the case on, with the case on the camera bump looks seamless.

To install I start at the top and just push on the edges til it snugs in.

What I don’t like

The only issue with a normal wireless charger and attempting to use that to charge the phone is always a hit or miss. It needs to be a certain angle or position to get it “detect” the charger.

I did try an Apple Magsafe in a shop in the mall and it worked perfectly.


Overall, the Quad Lock Mag Case is designed to be rugged and durable, and is able to withstand the rigors of everyday use. I’m happy I found out about Quad Lock. I got a Quad Lock motorcycle mount, vibration dampener, and tripod accessory and made separate reviews.

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Check my video review for additional information.

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