WOW! Fiesta HD Mini Review

In this post, I’ll be talking about my review of the WOW! Fiesta HD Mini Portable Karaoke Player model WF100HD. It’s a thing with Filipino culture to know how to sing karaoke, it is one of the favorite activities during parties and events.

WOW! Fiesta HD Mini

My experience with setting up karaoke systems is zero. I just want to get my feet wet and get something simple that I can plug into the TV and start singing right away, I wanted something small and portable so I can bring it home to New Zealand and I wanted to do so on a budget.

Researching and comparing online I decided on the WOW! Fiesta HD Mini which I feel is aimed at beginners and an easy way to get started with karaoke systems. Which has its own pros and cons.

I’ll talk about my experience with what you need to know to set it up, what you can expect with the song selections, and how to upgrade them.


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In the box, you get the following

  • Karaoke player
  • 1 Wired Microphone
  • 1 Remote 
  • Pair of batteries
  • A/V RCA cable
  • Songbook/user manual
  • Quick start guide

HDMI cable is not included and you need to buy one.

WOW! Fiesta HD Mini Features

  • It’s full 1080p HD using when plugged into the HDMI input
  • The mini has preloaded songs of around 2500+. A mix of English and Filipino OPM  songs.
  • It has the ability to act as a multimedia player and reads up to 2TB from flash drives or external hard drives and it supports the following formats
    • avi
    • mkv
    • mpg
    • dat
    • flv
    • vob
    • ts and mp3s
  • New songs can be added either by buying song packs (which can get costly) 
  • There is an option to use a Song Loader PC app to convert karaoke videos to the midi format (haven’t tested this out as I don’t have a Windows PC)


On the front 

  • 2 ports Mic ports
  • Mic 1 and Mic 2
  • USB A port on the right

On the back 

  • IR Jack
  • RCA ports for Video/Audio
  • HDMI
  • AC
  • Power button

At the bottom

  • Tabs for mounting

Setting it up

Things to know

  • The Wow Fiesta HD Mini HDMI connection only transmits video and not audio. (this took me some time to figure out)
  • The player RCA Audio output needs to connect to either TV audio input or a sound system with audio in.
  • You can connect to a home theater, sound system, or even a Bluetooth soundbar that supports audio input.
  • If the chosen system doesn’t have RCA audio inputs and only a 3.5m jack input

Hook up the HDMI to the player and plug into any available HDMI input in your TV.

HDMI and RCA Wow Fiesta Input

Next plug in the RCA audio input to the player, for me the TV doesn’t have an Audio input so I am hooking it up to a sound bar which only has a 3.5m audio input.

Finally, I plugged adapter to the sound bar using the audio input.  I ser the sound bar input settings to  “analog” and it finally worked.

Now for the pros and cons


Somewhat easy setup if you know what you’re doing

  • If you are not comfortable with audio cables, you’ll get frustrated easily. 
  • Multimedia player capability
  • 1080p HDMI output is clear
  • Ability to expand the song selections
  • There is a scoring system after each song. 


  • No HDMI cable included
  • HDMI is only video and no audio
  • The 2500 songs selections are not that great. It can get costly purchasing and adding new songs packs (song pack cost 299 and there are 14 songs packs)
  • App to load songs is only on available on Windows PC and not on a Mac
  • Menu search for songs and artist is crude and only works with initials

Final Thoughts

WOW! Fiesta HD Mini does the job of getting up to speed with Karaoke systems. It has loads of potential for beginners like me. The sound quality is just right but not impressive and not rubbish either. 

But given the Wow Fiesta Mini HD product price, it’s a good entry to easily get started with karaoke. You can pick higher models which offer more songs preloaded and wireless mic features. Most models support expanding the song selections with song packs.

If you are interested in WOW! Fiesta karaoke products check the links below.

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4K HDMI Cable

RCA to 3.5mm Cable

Checkout my youtube video review

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