My Fresh MacBook Pro

Finally after a long wait, which was also a good thing as the MacBook Pro line got a total refresh that is truly significant than the last one. New processor, new graphics card, bigger RAM and storage, the new technology for 10GB transfer called Thunderbolt. Plus some Facetime  HD which records in 720p HD. I […]

UV Lens and Night Photography

Learned another lesson today by mistake the hard way on UV Protectof filter, night photography and long exposure. The thing is last week while in the mall I stopped by Pixelpro just to canvas some lens and umbrella, I ended up buying a TiFFEN UV Protector filter. My purpose for it was to protect the […]

Happy Valentines Everyone

Today is also my birthday, exactly 2 years ago from my car accident,  I’m living my 2nd chance in life to the fullest. Nothing is more complete than a Valentines Birthday! Feb 14, 2011lopau

Godaddy Checkout Issue

I encountered a problem with Godaddy today when renewing a domain using my credit card which I have stored on Godaddy, suddenly I’m getting the  error “There was a problem authorizing your credit. Please verify your payment information or use an alternate form of payment.” After some googling I found out it is common on […]

Hot Air Balloon photoshoot

Being in Pampanga for more than 10 years now and the Hot Air Balloon event being yearly I really didn’t attended any of the events, but since I started photography classes it was a good experience to do a photoshoot. So things I learned in this photoshoot so far is that for Aperture to capture […]

Got my first speedlight flash

With the recent resurgent of my enthusiasm with photography, I bought my first low budget lighting system, I don’t want to spend too much on equipments without fully understanding them, my new code is to get experience and knowledge first then do the upgrade, reason why most enthusiasts wallets get burned is they buy on […]

Enrolled in Digital Photography Workshop for Beginners

Trying to accomplish one of my goals for 2011, I decided to take beginners workshop in photography. I know I could learn through the internet by self study but this time I decided to enroll in a workshop as I feel this type of hobby/craft is more enjoyable to learn with a group of other […]

TODO for 2011

Tweet After long hiatus from blogging I’m back with a post on things todo for 2011. 2010 was most fruitful and rewarding, so looking forward to more blessing to come for 2011. On my todo list for 2011 starting with some IT then to the personal goals. 1. Learn Andriod – yep I bought my […]

Fix: Installer User Interface Mode Not Supported

There seems to be a bug for software installers created with InstallAnywhere. Wherein the downloaded installer unpacked when the installer initializes it throws an error and installation never occurs. Sounds familiar? Just sharing this information since I got stuck googling for about an hour or two about it without finding a fix applicable to me. Installer User […]

Finally passed my Certified Developer Exam

Barely starting developing on for a couple of months and hurriedly studied to prepare for the exam I failed the exam and I retook the exam after a month and failed again, I knew then the preparing for the third retake that I should need a definite study plan and alot more time to […]