Adding Elements and Actions on FlexCard

After creating a FlexCard and hooking it up with a data source, now we can start building the UI components. The FlexCard designer has several elements and Actions.

FlexCard Elements

  1. Action – you can add an action to FlexCard to do the following
    • launch or update an OmniScript
    • navigate to web page or application
    • display a flyout
    • fire an event
    • or update data values
  2. Block – combines logical groups of elements, can be made collapsible or can embed a block in another block.
  3. Chart – display data as Charts, there are several types to choose from
    • bar
    • pie
    • donut
    • line
    • radar
  4. Custom LWC – embed LWC OmniScript, generated FlexCard LWC or a custom LWC.
    • FlexCard LWC are prefixed with “cf” before the name
  5. Datatable – display tabular data
  6. Field – display data fields returned from a data source
  7. FlexCard – embed reusable child FlexCard. The child can have it’s own data source or parent can override child’s data source.
  8. Icon – display SVG icons
  9. Image – add an image element source
    • upload from your computer
    • point to a url
    • from Assets in your Files library
  10. Menu – create menu from a list of actions
  11. State – add additional state to present different interactions and layouts based on conditions
  12. Text – combine rich text and merge fields in a rich text editor
  13. Toggle – trigger an action

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