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Inspired by Paul Hudson from hackingwithswift.com, this is my take on sharing back what I learned. This is a work-in-progress collection of tutorials aimed at complete beginners.

Swift is the programming language used for iOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS app development. If you are new to programming, don’t worry I will be breaking down the concepts and providing samples along the way.

Aim to have this as a reference point for a topic that you can go back to. Learning a language takes time and dedication. I would suggest you share what you learn to get feedback as you go. This should help in fully immersing yourself in learning and building apps.

Requirements: In this tutorial, we will learn about the basics of using either Swift Playgrounds on the iPad or Xcode Playground on MacOS.

On an iPad:
Open the App Store and search for Swift Playgrounds.

On a Mac:
Open the App Store on your Mac and search for Xcode and install.

Let’s get the following basic concepts nailed down.