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SwiftUI is the latest UI framework that provides views, controls and layout structure for your app’s user interface. It’s a declarative UI and that allows you to describe how your app would look like in a high level. It has a declarative syntax and the the design tools and baked into Xcode.

You can integrate SwiftUI views with objects from UIKit, AppKit and WatchKit framework.

Requirements: In this tutorial we will learn about the basics using Xcode on MacOS. If you haven’t installed it already.

Then will get the following basic concepts nailed down.

  • SwiftUI Essentials
  • App Structure and Behaviour
  • Views and Controls
  • View Layout and Presentation
  • Drawing and Animation
  • Framework Integration
  • State and Data Flow
  • Gestures
  • Previews in Xcode
  • DeveloperToolsSupport