No Renaming Tables feature in phpMyAdmin

Quick tip. The feature is not (yet) supported in phpMyAdmin but you can easily make the change by simply issuing this sql statement. RENAME TABLE old_table TO new_table Update On phpMyAdmin select a table then go to Operations, Under Table Options you would see Rename Table to feature. May 26, 2009lopau

Import sql dump using the MySQL client

This is useful if you don’t have access to phpmyadmin on your server but have access to ssh and ftp. Or you have a huge sql dump like 10MB or higher that you cannot import directly on phpmyadmin. In my case the phpmyadmin directory was password protected by Apache and I don’t have the right […]

Restart Apache in Mac OS X

I miss using a Mac, saving up to get the latest MacBook Pro. Here is quick tip for an alternative method on how to restart Apache using the Terminal. Long method is go to Preferences then Sharing and disable enable Personal Web Sharing. Shortcut is Open the Mac OS X Terminal window then type in. […]

Understanding Cloud Computing

I always come across the term Cloud Computing several times but not really sure on all the jargon and buzz. It’s like a new term but you may already be working on them. Just like RIA or Rich Internet Application before the term was coined and becoming the default name you were already builiding RIA, […]

Programming skill level

Saw this blog post from 2005 about identifying your skill level in any programming language, the post still remains relevant and hits the points right on. Author stated it would take you 10 years to become an expert programmer, but that I think is debatable which is the only thing I don’t agree with his […]

My Home Office

If you are going to freelance and want to work at home, you really need a private space so you can work efficiently. Early this year we had our room renovated, I was using our room for several years as an office and along with that are the irks that easily takes away your focus […]

How To: Create a Comments Box with Facebook Connect in 5 Minutes

Got to try this out soon. Check out the Vid. How To: Create a Comments Box with Facebook Connect in 5 Minutes from Pete Bratach on Vimeo. Feb 25, 2009lopau

Create Favicons and Extract Layers from PSD

Another link to goodies. Here you can find plugins for Photoshop. I like the plugin that conveniently creates a Favicon straight from Photoshop, no need for third party applications, if you don’t know what a favicon is – it is the small icon you see before the URL that distinguishes the bookmark from other bookmarks. […]

Submit a Form using Enter Key

Here is a little Javascript I picked up. I run into a problem in IE wherein a form won’t submit when you hit the Enter key it just reloads itself but clicking the Submit button would processes your form. The form works with the Enter key fine in FF but not in IE. Chances are […]

All in One Package

I didn’t like using All in One Package during the my early years of learning how to install Apache, PHP and MySQL in my Windows box – there were programs like PHPTriad and similar which offers these three in one convenient installation without getting your hands dirty so to speak on the configuration. From my […]