Been working on Boomi platform for couple months now and here to share a quick tip that I learned earlier. Since Boomi now support Custom SOQL for an operation it however looses the XML profile when you import an object.

The profile can easily be fixed by doing the following.

  1. Add a Message shape and add your SOQL
  2. Add Salesforce Connector
  3. Add an Operation and click on Advanced link and choose Custom SOQL
  4. Save and run the process
  5. Inspect the logs and copy the xml and save it as a file
  6. Create a new mapping shape
  7. On the Left mapping click on Choose
  8. On Profile type select XML and choose Create New Profile
  9. Click on Import Profile
  10. Select your saved file and you are set.


Here is how my process looks like.


Give it a try!



2 responses to “How To Create A Profile Map for Custom SOQL in Boomi Salesforce Connector”

  1. Dineshkumar says:

    It’s really helpful for me thanks

  2. Sam says:

    Hi Dinesh, thanks for this info. When I created the initial interface with Message and Get operation in Salesforce and provided SOQL. It does not give me the result in the log but it says completed successfully. So I am not able to get the XML data to create profile. What can be the reason?

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