Barely starting developing on for a couple of months and hurriedly studied to prepare for the exam I failed the exam and I retook the exam after a month and failed again, I knew then the preparing for the third retake that I should need a definite study plan and alot more time to know the ins and out. 3 weeks before the exam I studied straight and was ready to take the exam 2-3 days before the exam. The reference materials below helped me in preparing for the Exam. Because materials tends to be updated on new releases make sure you get the latest copies online.

1. Create two account. Free Developer Edition and Free Edition – The Free Edition has the ability to create 1 sandbox. Feature that allow you to learn the ins and out productions to sandbox vice versa, loading data etc. So create the Recruiting App on the Free Developer Edition covered on the Fundamentals and the Warehouse app in the Edition in the Workbook.

2. I read all these ebooks except those that pertain to Flex development and advance Apex subject. Fundamentals: Custom Application Development in the Cloud Certified Developer Study Guide Workbook: Get Started Building Your First App in the Cloud Developer GuideMaterial is from Summer 09 but still useful information regarding Tagging, Analytic Snapshots

Forceprepare.comexcellent mockup exams to test your knowledge and other useful information.

And the DEV 401 Training Video. I broke it down to view only 3 hours video per day, so you don’t bored and lose interest.

And some key pointers I noted from the test, funny that every time after an exam I get blanked out and cant seem to recall the questions on the test. I only managed to recall the topic.

some key points
-review the security controls – make sure you understand in and out: most use cases are a mix of the following
– profiles
– object level permissions
– field field level permissions
– record level permissions
– record level access
– role hierarchy
– reports
– how are objects related to reports
– type of dashboard to component to use per case scenarios
– what can be done with custom report types
– Analytic Snapshots
– workflow and approvals
– pararrel approval
– approval process
– use case for time triggered actions
– limitations of data loader on importing standard,custom objects
– features of the data loader
– sidebar feature how are items added
– User objects
– Types of relationships including hierarchal
– Use case on best relationship to use
– Use case for using VisualForce and Apex
– Authentication on Sandbox
– Encrypted Fields

After all those hard work I’m officially certified.


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  1. Jeff Grosse says:

    Congratulations on passing your exam. I have yet to take the developer courses or exams, but I’m sure they’ve got their challenging parts. I know you mentioned the DEV401 video course. Just so you know about it, I’ve posted the entire DEV 401 and DEV 501 courses at my website called The Salesforce Channel. I know some people have found it daunting to download the whole videos through iTunes so I made them available via streaming. Best of luck to you with developing on

  2. lopau says:

    Hi Jeff, thanks, the exam was tough! Nice collection of videos you have there, definitely a keeper.. another good resource for salesforce. I even found one of our products, our company created the product Task It but I’m not one of the lead developers.

    Thanks again for stopping by my blog.

  3. venkatesh says:

    hi,this is venkatesh.I am new to this technology(salesforce).People says differently about the growth of salesforce and oppurtunities in the future.I am confused with this.

    Could you please give the details for the future of salesforce and oppurtunities.How will be the growth of salesforce in cloud computing.

    the data given for Dev 401 is excelent…

    Thanks and Regards,

  4. lopau says:

    hi venkatesh, here is an excerpt..

    The Future of Cloud Computing
    Cloud computing offers the promise of reducing the cost and complexity involved in setting up
    and maintaining traditional enterprise application environments while delivering rapid innovation and increased flexibility. The cloud also promises to reduce setup time by shifting the task of running servers to the cloud provider. Now we are starting to hear about Cloud 2, which brings cloud computing together with new social and collaboration capabilities and new mobile devices.

    read more here.

  5. venkatesh says:

    Thanks for your Quick reply,i have one question regarding cloud computing.

    What about security,if we are doing banking applications because our database maintened by third party vendors.Is there any backup for our database..

    I want to take a dev 401 exam in dec…can i get any dumps for the exam preparation….
    If any please forward to me…..

    Thanks and Regards,

  6. lopau says:

    hi venkatesh, the security framework of the is one of the best around and their top pitch, they have all sorts of security users, roles, ip restrictions etc.. there is also data management for backups and all sorts of data migration.

    unfortunately i dont have a dump of the exam as its strict settings doesnt allow to even copy questions etc.. just follow my guide above you’;; surely pass the exam. good luck.

  7. venkatesh says:

    Thankyou for your suggessions,We are very thankful to you.

    Thanks and Regards,

  8. venkatesh says:

    hi free edition of developer force ,i did not find sandbox option.

    even with my company licensed salesforce also,i am unable to access the sandbox…

    Is there any center at hyderabad for salesforce dev 401 exam…and i want to know the centers near to hyderabad…how to book for the exam…

    could you please give the information…

    thanks and regards,

  9. lopau says:

    hi again vankatesh,

    on a free edition, go to setup | administrative setup | data management | sandbox.

    for testing centers, try creating an account at then check for schedules.

  10. Akshay says:

    I have passed the certified developer exam[DEV – 401], and now planning to give advance certification exam [DEV – 501]. I m going through information provided on But if you have any sample questions or any website with mock up exam, please let me know.

  11. venkatesh says:

    hi lopau,

    i completed dev 401 certification successfully.thanks for ur wonderful blog….

    i want ur help to dev 501 certification also…

  12. Anil says:

    hiiii lopau

    i am very happy to say that i have cleared the dev 401 certification…..very thankfull to you for the guidence that u wrote in this blog………

  13. venkatesh says:

    hi again lopau,

    i want to know the details of proof of concepts….could you please provide details to me…

  14. lopau says:

    congrats guys, glad to be of help of any kind. i haven’t taken the dev 501 certification yet no time to prepare and study, been pretty busy with company projects.

  15. subbu says:

    cool simple one stop shop for DEV401 and helps beginners to track their progress

    great stuff keep it up!

  16. Dharmendra Pratap Singh says:

    Hi all,
    Anyone plz could you tell me the areas that I need to focus for the certification.
    and what is the cost of this certification.

  17. Niky says:

    Hi ,
    Finally i passed my exam after 2 failure attemt.I have some material which i prepared ,please let me know how to upload this so other can be benifited on this.

  18. Radhika says:

    Hi Guys,

    I want to write 401 and 201 certifications. Please help me for this

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  20. Alok kumar says:

    Hi guys,if any one have certification material then please send me on

    thanks a lot.

  21. Arjun says:

    Hi Niky This is arjun. i am going to write exam on next week of august can you share the notes to my mail id

  22. Irfan says:

    Dude, Nice Post!
    This blog has actually guided me for nailing my 401 🙂
    Please share 501 exam guidance, if you have any.


    • lopau says:

      Congrats mate! actually I’m still working on to get my 501, but will post study materials here as soon as I get the chance.

  23. Sashi says:

    hi i want to give dev401 exam please help me i want to get pass in my first attempt

  24. Deepa Gulati says:

    Hi Niky,

    I am planning to appear for dev 401 in this month, please send me the material on also share the colletion of dumps …

  25. sathya says:

    Hi Niky,

    I am planning to write dev 401 next month.Could you please send me the materials and dumps that you have.My mail id is

  26. Roshan says:

    Hello Guys,

    I have been doing Force.Com developement for quite a few time now.
    I too ll be going in for DEV 401 and then DEV 501.

    Great resource here in this blog.

    Thanks and Keep posting mates !!

  27. harsha says:

    Hi Niky,

    I am planning to appear for dev 401 exam can u please send me the materials to my mail address

  28. nishanth says:

    I am working in software testing for the past 7 years and now want to become a salesforce developer. can someone suggest me how to go ahead? what challenged I may face etc?

  29. JAna says:

    Helo guys ,

    You blog is superb ..I want to write dev401 and dev 501 , Where to register for it , I am staying in bangalore . can any one mail me the link . id:……

  30. Gaurav says:

    hello guys,
    I am preparing for dev 401 for quite a long time now,will be giving the exam soon so any material u have plz share it with me on the following mail

  31. Ankur says:

    HI i am going to give dev-401 certification exam.if any one have dums or sample question then please send me on

  32. jagath says:

    Hey guys
    can any one tell me, how many days we need to prepare for Dev 401. Is 15 days enough? I mean just watching videos and some books.

  33. Cindy says:


    I am planning to proceed with dev 401 exam. Can you please share the material? Thank you!!!

  34. Padmavathi says:

    I am planning to give dev-401 exam. If anyone is having material please forward preparation material to the following mail id.

    Looking forward for the material.

    Thank you.




  36. karan says:

    hello guys,
    i am also planning ro give dev-401 exam. please forward me any useful material to

    looking forward for the material..

    thank you.

  37. sainath says:

    I am planning to write an certification exam on DEV 401.Can you please give me any good study material about dev 401. I need the experience words who had written the exam on this. can u pls suggest me how to prepare and pls forward material to my ( mail id.

    just giv ur mobile no i will just call u for the details. This is very important.

    Thanking You,

  38. Vikas says:


    I am aspiring to write dev 401 certification, can anyone of you please share the materials and dumps to me @
    Thank you!!


  39. Paul Lundy says:

    Anyone know who many DEV501 certified salesforce people there are in the US?

  40. Sri says:

    I am planning to give dev-401 exam. If anyone is having material please forward preparation material to the following mail id.

    Thank you.

  41. Swati says:

    I am planning to write dev 401 next month.Could you please send me the materials and dumps that you have.My mail id is

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  43. avishek sharma says:

    Require the dumps, materials for the dev 401 exam. Need on urgent have to give exam ASAP

  44. venkat says:

    i am preparing to write dev 401 exam next month, cloud anyone please send me dumps and materials to ID
    Thank you

  45. Me :- says:

    Hi Guys,

    I m Dev 401 certified resource, looking for a change! Do we have any openings outside, How is the market for Salesforce Developer ? Let me know if any @ ?

  46. Maneesha says:

    I am preparing for salesforce dev 401 certification. Please send me the video tutorial on


  47. nilesh says:

    Hi, I sat for the exam today and failed. I felt I had a pretty good preparation on hand but don’t know where did I missed. I would appreciate if someone can send me the link of the video tutorial , material and dumps. I need to take retake very soon due to pressure from company. Its urgent , please help.


  48. Prashanth says:

    Hi I’m planning to setup my career on’m good at .Net with 1+ Exp.Due to project requirement and Cloud computing in demand i’m thinking of a move in technology to SFDC.Can you guys suggest me whether its the right move and the future of SFDC in Future.

  49. raj says:

    HI, this blog had really good info about certification.. i am taking exam in a week time .. hoping for best

  50. Vijjay says:

    Hi all!
    Please provide some questions and ans

  51. Prachi says:


    One month preparation is sufficient or any other work experience is required in salesforce for dev 401 certification

  52. gajendra says:

    Hi…can pls anybody share materials for dev 401 exam….here my mail id

  53. Narendhar says:

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  54. Mona says:

    I am planning to take Dev 401 certification within 15days.anyone who has dumps share with me..mine email id is
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  55. Rishi says:


    I am new to salesforce and studying for DEV 401.

    Most of you are certified so can you please by sharing DEV 401 dumbs and some tips

  56. Rishi says:

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    Please share DEV 401 dumbs and some tips and tricks to clear salesforce DEV 401 certification

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  57. Sharmila says:


    I am new to sales force and seeing the scope of DEV 401 i wish to do certification. Can u please suggest if certification will get me a job with no work experience in

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