Got my 2nd Salesforce Certification

Been awhile since my last blog post. I’ve been very busy at work and with my personal life. Yesterday I took the Certified Administrator(SU12) exam and passed it on the first try unlike my previous attempts for the Certified Developer exam.

It took me only 1 week to study for the exam and I’m sharing the resources I used for reference to others who are preparing for the exam.

1. Get the Study Guide exam outline and see the areas percentage of the questions.

2. Download the Official Salesforce Study Material used for the ADM 201 classes, this is old and from 2009 but still very useful.

3. Take this 4 mockup exams from to test your knowledge, don’t worry if you fail the first time, this is only to get your feet wet on the exam mechanics. Retake the exam 2-3 while and after studying.





4. Review the latest 2 releases.

4. Use online Flashcards, use this to create your own Q & A questions or use those already prepared by other users.
Sign up for an account and enter your notes through the web portal, and if you have an iPad, iPhone or Android download the app and this will access the flashcards anywhere.

I used

Hope you find them useful and goodluck.

9 thoughts on “Got my 2nd Salesforce Certification

  1. Thanks so much for putting this info up. I willbe taking the test this week. I took the exams you had in here and did terribly and now I’m very worried. I’ve taken others from other sites and they weren’t as tough. Now I’m really worried. Are those actual questions from tests or dig you make them up yourself ?

    If you know of any other practice exams for SU12 I would love to know about them. All of the ones I’ve found online are about 2 or 3 years old and that makes me wonder if the test has gotten much harder over the past couple of years.

    Thank you so much for any further help\info you could give me. If you don’t have anything else I totally understand because you’ve already given so much.

  2. Thank you so much, reading this has motivated me to get myself certified. I am booked in to sit the exam in a week. cheers.

  3. Just thought I’d pop back and let you know, I sat my ADM-201 yesterday and PASSED… Thank you for your blog, it was what I needed to get me over the line… Now I am studying for my advanced cert…
    Thanks again

  4. Hi Anne-Marie and Particularly this website owner , thanks everyone for sharing the valuable knowledge.I am preparing for certification and really found this site way helpful . If anyone who has recently taken the exam or passed could share more information for the certification it ll be really great help .

    Thanks again !!
    God Bless !!

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