First Strobist Project

Bought some new gears for my ever increasing accessories for my first strobist project which is to shoot grad pics for my wife and her business partners Preschoolville’s graduating students.

Got a YongNuo Flash Sync Trigger YN-04ii


Wireless Band: ASK is adopted and there are 4 channels to be set by the user

Output Terminal : Hot shoe of the receiver, synchronous end and hot shoe of the launcher.

Remote Distance: 15-10 meters

Application time of the launcher: More than 1000 times

Standby time of the receiver: More than 100 hours

Launcher power: 23A 12V

Receiver power: CR2

And portable umbrella strobist kit ( upgraded to 43 inch umbrella, 6 foot stand and a hot shoe)

PLC Teachers strikes a pose

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