Sun Broadband Wireless for reliable internet backup

Last week we moved to our new rented house from our old apartment. And with moving comes transferring of my PLDT DSL line which takes awhile. I have had my  Globe Tattoo kit since 2009 which I use for backups. I haven’t used it for exactly three months.  I was not thrilled when after hooking it up, it would connect but no webpages open, the download speed is 0.00. Also the I can’t register with it’s SUPERSURF50 promo. It would send but no reply.  I wasted alot of load trying to connect, disconnect.  I decided to do a quick search so I connected via 3G on my android phone and made a search, turns out there are alot of users having the same problem. It seems Globe’s network is congested as it gets. I called the tech number but no help. After reading which one among Globe Tattoo, Smartbro and Sun Broadband Wireless is the best. Sun Broadband Wireless stands out.

So off to the mall to buy the prepaid kit. They are on promo now and I got mine for 1295 from the regular 1495. Comes with 125 hours internet and 1000 free text.

So far connection is stable and I’m happy with it,  a more reliable backup than Globe Tattoo.

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