Journey to Salesforce CTA Starting Again

About three years ago 2018 I started on a journey to prepare for sitting down the coveted Salesforce CTA certification. At that time I went to all the prerequisite certifications and smash them one after the other. At the start of 2019 my focus changed and gave up on the idea of becoming Salesforce CTA. My focus shifted on growing assets for my company by a building suite of products from mobile apps, amazon merch t-shirt designs, vector illustrations, acquiring niche blogs and other projects, some still in the backlog. Doing all of these while keeping a 40 hours work doing Salesforce consultancy.

At present 2021, I learned alot from the past few years. These assets are now working as passive incomes that supplements my income from being a consultant. Now, I feel I can focus back on the journey to CTA again. Starting onwards I will be again start on the basics and share what I learn on the journey to CTA. #JourneyToCTA

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