Seems like I’m not the only one experiencing this issue with running a new ad on Google Adwords. Previously when I run an ad it would get approved in less than 5 minutes. Now it’s more than 24 hours and my ad is still not running. The ad is even a simple one, we just wanted to run an ad so we can quickly get feedback for a survey we are conducting.

Here is a link to other users affected by this “approval system” for new ads on Google.

I wonder why Google is actively promoting Google Adwords, I even get emails for free 2K to start using the ad system and I see banners everywhere, but they are soo missing a lot more potential clients on the delay on their approval system.

It’s almost close to 48 hours. I hope Google sees there is a big issue with their ad approval system.


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  4. I’ve noticed increasingly delays in approval recently, think its due to all retailers changing ad copies every minute to push xmas offers. Guess google is prioritizing these very big spending accounts during this time of year.

  5. Mr. Backlinks says:

    Hmmmm…. I just launched a campaign and it was instantly approved. Although, a friend of mine is experiencing the same problem you are. Hope your approval goes through soon.

  6. lopau says:

    @magnus tnx for the additional info.

    @mr. backlink. lucky you, my ad isn’t approved yet, it’s already 48 hours.

  7. lopau says:

    yey my ad has finally been approved. For the record that was 54 hours since submission.

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