Word Wrap on Eclipse

Over the past few months I’ve changed my working environment(IDE) for PHP from Dreamweaver, which I have been using for the last past years with occasional use of PHP Designer 2007, 2008. It did the work but I wanted more features and tools. Then I switched to ZendStudio built on Eclipse. It was complete and powerful but I find it not close to the Eclipse IDE which I loved on Flex Builder 3 built on Eclipse. So that ended me up in using a more familiar IDE which is Eclipse PDT for PHP.

So far it has been working great and I have all the tools I need. Just one feature missing though is the word wrapping which I rely cause its just a hassle to scroll sideways just to view the codes. Fortunately there is a workaround to this missing functionality.

Found this alpha plugin if you are interested with getting this feature on Eclipse.