How to Fix a Macbook Magsafe Charger (L Type)

My Macbook MagSafe charger for the past few months would occasionally stop charging. I would need to patiently wiggle the cord to a certain position to get it to start charging again. This is similar to the HP charger I issue I fixed several years ago.  I know from gut that there is a break inside the […]

Changing Root Access Key to IAM Users on AWS

I got an old AWS instance created way back 2009 when I was still learning and only way to access AWS resources through the API was through an access id and security access key. Unfortunately during that time there were no IAM yet. Fast forward a year or so this is highly insecure as those […]

How to run on WordPress on a LEMP stack on Amazon EC2

At last, finally found time to move my blog on LEMP(Linux, Nginx, MySQL and PHP-FPM) stack and it just one of the many goals I have set for starting overhauling this blog and over the coming days I’ll be optimizing it further and come up with a fresh new design. I’ve been running this blog […]

Master-Detail: Field is not writable error on Apex

I came upon this error when I am assigning the custom object to the master standard object. Eg. accountId derived from a query Then I get this error. The fix was actually easy. I just rewrote it to assign the master id on instantiating the child object. Hope somebody finds this useful. Recommended Reading: Dec […]

Time of the Year

It’s that time of the year again where you look back and reflect on what you have accomplished and things you were not able to achieved. Achieved Goals for 2014: This year I started out with a goal to start investing for the future. I got into insurance, stocks, mutual funds and having 6 months emergency […]

Configure WordPress Update on Ubuntu EC2 instance

EC2 instances uses SFTP and not FTP. Since you do not have a password. The easiest way to configure the WordPress update is via command line. SSH into your instance and enter the following. sudo chown -R www-data /var/www/wordpress sudo chmod -R 755 /var/www/wordpress Jun 30, 2014lopau

Add row rerender on a list with input fields looses data

Having a list in your controller that is displayed as input fields either through pageblock or repeat and you need to add another row to the list via a button.  Chances are when you enter data on any input field on any row and you hit Add Row button that has a rerender attribute that […]

Parsing Instagram JSON on Apex

Last week I had a challenge of making a API callout to Instagram from Salesforce and then parse the returned JSON content and the mapped the values to become a record for a custom object. Basically each media post and comments becomes a record in Salesforce. First off you can start by reading this article […]

Javascript Page Redirect on a VF Page

Stumbled upon this issue and found an easy fix. You have a VF page that you want to redirect a user to a different website, say for OAuth2 authenticate. window.location.href=’’; This will not work as the browser will complain about Iframe security or Security sandbox violation. This is because VF page are iframed, to get […]

Welcome 2014

Welcome 2014. 2013 went by so fast. It was so busy, fun, stressful yet productive. I want 2014 this time to be different I want to work smarter and not harder. Be effective vs being efficient, I was efficient but was not that effective meaning I was working more. I have set some goals in […]