OmniStudio FlexCard Designer

The OmniStudio FlexCard Designer is a powerful WYISWYG tool to build your FlexCard.

Broken down into sections we have:

  • Header – get information about the card name, version, author, cloned from, a child FlexCard etc. Also toggle from design to preview, creating new version and activating the card.
  • Canvas – this is where drag-and-drop elements into the canvas. You can rearrange, clone or delete. You can also preview the FlexCard in different forms like Tablet/Mobile/Desktop on different resolution.
  • Panels – consist of tabs to assist in building and configuring your FlexCard
  • Panels
    • Build – contains fields, drag-and-drop elements and custom LWC
    • Properties – tweak each element using the Properties panel
    • Style – style the appearance of the particular element with CSS tools or add your own.
    • Setup – use to configure permissions, data source, track custom data, enable multi-language, set session variables and create event listeners for your FlexCards. (will cover more in future post)

Previewing and Publishing

You can preview your FlexCard on how it would look like in different devices and add test parameters like record ids and pagination limits.

When you are ready to publish, just hit the Activate button in the header. The FlexCard Designer will compile and create a LWC metadata.

After activating, you can add further details to the metadata using the Publish Options. On the options you can set the Targets if you like the component available in the App Page, Home Page, Record Page etc..

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