OmniStudio FlexCard Capabilities

FlexCards are based of Lightning Web Components (LWC) that displays contextual information and provide related access to clickable tasks or actions.

Important FlexCards key capabilities to know about

  • FlexCards are viewable on any device or channel – aside from the console, it can be deployed to mobile and customer portal
  • Can be beginning and endpoint of customer interactions – can be used to launch actions or OmniScript (which we will tackle on next post), at the end of the process.. the FlexCard can get updated with the latest information.
  • Can display data from multiple data sources and provide a summarized contextual information – get data from Salesforce or data from an external API
  • Built with WYSIWG editor with drag and drop elements – editor allows you to edit the layout and CSS styles.
  • Relevant to the context of the card and can display more detail on demand using flyouts
  • Can be embedded in other FlexCards or in OmniScripts
    • no limit to how many child flexcards you can embed, they need to be active
    • can launches a guided process (OmniScripts)
    • navigate to another record or FlexCard
    • listen for event from another FlexCard
    • notify another component on a page or application that an event has occured
  • Can have multiple states based on conditions – set conditions on what user see and can do on a card
  • Can be deployed from App Builder, Experience Builder

Other Advanced Features

  • Deploy to external CMS such as Adobe Experience Manager
  • Can be deployed to custom web container like Heroku

Next let’s tackle the FlexCard Designer.

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