OmniStudio Calculation Procedures

Calculation Procedures allow complex math to be configured within OmniStudio.

To handle many factors, values and calculations, a Calculation Procedure can call up one more more Calculation Matrices. Basically, these are simple lookup tables that takes an input and returns output.

A Calculation Matrix adds more functionality to OmniScripts and Integration Procedures.

Types of Calculation Matrices

  • Standard Calculation Matrix – standalone and not part of a group or versioned row.
  • Grouped Calculation Matrix – used to group similar matrices with same input and output headers together
  • Row-Versioned Calculation Matrix – used if you have a matrix with many rows and may need to change small portions of data at a time. Each row has a start date and time.

Sample Calculation Matrix

This sample matrix simply returns the score for a grade


As per shot below it can either be created using the tool or by uploading a CSV and mapping which column is input and output.

Key Items:

  • End Data/Time – if blank will run indefinitely
  • Only one version of matrix can be accessed a time
  • Matrices can represent ranges.

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