OmniScripts Action Elements

In this section we talk about the different Action elements available for our OmniScript. Most are similar to Integration Procedure Actions as well.

Action elements in general are used for the following requirements.

  • Get or update data from one or more Salesforce objects (DataRaptor Extract/Post)
  • Call a series of actions (Integration Procedures)
  • Perform HTTP methods on an API (HTTP Action)
  • Populate and send emails, sign-on glass documents (Email/DocuSign Action)
  • Redirect to different pages (Navigate Action)
  • Others – Calculate Actions, PDF, Delete, Set Value, Set Errors.

Types Of Action Elements

Calculate Action

Call a Vlocity Calculation Procedure directly from an OmniScript.

Inputs from the form are sent to the calculation procedure either by another layer of DataRaptor pre-transform or directly.

For outputs it would be the sent back either to another layer of DataRaptor post-transform or directly.

DataRaptor Actions

Once you have defined the type DataRaptor, you can use the corresponding to call the DataRaptor Interface

  • DataRaptor Extract Action
  • DataRaptor Turbo Action
  • DataRaptor Post Action
  • DataRaptor Transform Action

Delete Action

Use this action for deleting one or more SObject records. Reference the record Id for deletion and using merge fields in the path to the record Id field.

Sample JSON and merge path.

{ "Account" : { "accId" : ["00ffffxx","000xxxffff"] } }

DocuSign Actions

  • DocuSign Envelope Action
  • DocuSign Signature Action

Email Action

Integration Procedure Action

Matrix Action

Navigate Action

PDF Action

Remote Action

HTTP Action

Set Errors

Set Values

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  1. We have integrated DocuSign w OmniScripts to generate a template document, however the close button does not work when we are trying to close the document after it is generated from the omniscripts.
    Any ideas or suggestions, pleasE?

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