Not everything is happy daisies. I’ve been in a roll so far nailing my Salesforce certification but not that lucky with middlewares(had to the retake the boomi certification) and it looks like the same for Mulesoft, after just about a month of working on the platform I decided to seat down the exam while I am still actively involved with an implementation. I might not get the chance for awhile.

I could have spent probably two days more studying.

Things to focus on- would be the
– dataweave syntax
– error handling (questions makes you doubt your answers)
– debugging and what to expect on the output
– data transformation
– accessing and modifying events.

Anyway I re-booked the exam and will be taking it next week. I just don’t feel comfortable that I feel I was close to passing.


2 responses to “Learnings from Failing the Mulesoft Mule4 MCD Level 1 Certification”

  1. Girish says:


    did you clear the exam ? do you suggest any recommended source to prepare for MCD Level 1 Mule 4 ?


  2. […] taken the online 5 day Fundamentals course last August. I failed my first attempt of the exam last week. So I booked another schedule the week after and really focused on the skills and concepts I was […]

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