Google Page Rank and increase site traffic

After two months from launching my blog, Google gave me Page Rank 2, sweet! I managed to have an increase in site traffic with some starter blog post and getting linked in high traffic sites, my starter posts were pretty simple and were just to get my feet wet on blogging.

Increase in site traffic and having a high Page Rank or PR are almost synonymous. You need to do some SEO to build traffic to your site, one method of doing is to have incoming links, when you have incoming links from a site with high PR, there is portion of PR that gets relayed to your site, depending on how many outgoing links that site has, there is the portion relayed to you which is computed to build your Page Rank. Page Rank algorithm is always talked about and there are dozens of theories on it for it is constantly being changed and improved. Some say if you have high traffic on your site already you don’t need to have a high Page Rank. I found this great indepth article outlining Google’s Page Rank.

Google Pagerank what do we really know about it

With the new PR ranking I recently got, time to get my feet wet again by moving on the next experiment, alot of people started blogging to earn online or make money online. I’m targeting revenues from Adsense served on the site. Serving relevant ads on your site and same time having quality posts relevant to those high paying keywords is still a science to me and a work in progress. That would be my next attempt, write quality post relevant to Adsense keywords. There are a lot of online tools to find relevant keywords to blog, for one there is Keyword Tool External from Google which replaced Google Sandbox. There are dozens of tips and techniques, but the real tip is to experiment on one method, analyze and then try another method till you get successful results. You won’t know what works until you try but stick to the Adsense policy so you won’t get blacklisted.

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