Financial Crisis affects on Adsense Publishers

I don’t normally get emails from Adsense and checking out the forums not much do too, I posted the message. Basically what this means for website owners who publishes Adsense needs to upgrade or provide more quality content for the ads will be more targetted. Sites MFA will likely be hit with this as well.
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Are you suffering from GASS?

Are you suffering from G.A.S.S.? Yep seems to be viral and it affects the user and not the computer, hehe. GASS( Google Adsense Stats Syndrome) some smart people from the forums coined up the term. It is when you are constantly checking your Adsense Stats as in every 15 mins, every hour etc.. Its like an OC. We all know how it feels to see your earnings rise in the Adsense program and it is very addicting. Constantly checking can be counter productive. You could have finished some other more important stuffs.

If you are using Firefox here are some useful extensions that can automate that task for you.

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Google Page Rank and increase site traffic

After two months from launching my blog, Google gave me Page Rank 2, sweet! I managed to have an increase in site traffic with some starter blog post and getting linked in high traffic sites, my starter posts were pretty simple and were just to get my feet wet on blogging.

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Just another dang blog!

About a million blog sites out there, and here I am coming up with my own. I’m not trying to be different but actually joining the fad. Everyone is blogging just about anything under the sun and they get their piece of revenue from displaying ads on their blog. I’m not a good blogger or a writer but I want to be. I figured if I keep blogging I’ll get better and maybe I’ll become more creative with what I write.

Google Adsense PIN Mail

So here it is, my first post. I took a shot of the Google mail I got for the PIN since I figured it’s time to cash in from the previous ad revenues I earned through the years and blog about it. I was actually putting ads on several sites I made but never tried it on a blog site. If you signed up for Google Adsense, the first $10 you earn from ad revenues, Google will mail you the PIN that you will need to activate the payment option on Google adsense.