Field Service Lightning Certification Preparation and Takeaways

The Salesforce Field Service Lightning certification I feel is one of the easier certifications among the rest that I have taken so far.

This June, I’ve set a goal to get two Salesforce certifications. Got one down and another to go!

What helped tremendously on my learning was attending 2 day free training from Salesforce for Field Service Lightning. This quickly got me covering the core principles. While training was still fresh I prepared for the exam for a week. I already have an FSL org to play around so I went through the Trailhead Trailmix with constant checking  on the help documentation for some concepts I did not understand.

There are 60 question plus 5 extra, you are given 90 minutes to complete the exam. Prerequisite to the certification is being Service Cloud certified.

Here are some key items to focus your study to nail the exam.

  • Core Field Service Lightning
    • Licenses and Permissions
    • Operating Hours
    • Service Territory
    • Work Types
    • Service Resource
    • Service Crew
    • Skills Requirement
    • Service Appointment Lifecycle
    • Service Reports
    • Work Orders, Work Order Line Items
    • Assets
    • Inventory Management
    • Case Management
    • Entitlements
    • Knowledge
  • Field Service Managed Package
    • Dispatcher Console
    • Scheduling Policies
    • Optimization
    • Transition Status & Profiles
  • Mobile App
    • FSL App vs Salesforce1 Features
    • Global/Quick Actions
    • Cards
    • Branding


Trailhead Field Service Lightning Basics

Trailhead Field Center Customisation


Help Documentation

Hope this was useful. Goodluck!

2 thoughts on “Field Service Lightning Certification Preparation and Takeaways

  1. Thanks for FSL prep takeaways. It’s very helpful, How did you get 2 day free training on FSL and where? Do you have any training notes?

    1. Np. These are my notes that I turned into a blog post. We got free training as per initiative of Salesforce to get more FLS certified in the APAC region during that time. The trailmix linked in the post covers the same topics.

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