Everything has change… again..

Been studying salesforce.com for awhile. This video presentation just blew my mind.

Looking back at 2009

Wow time flies real fast. Before anything else I want to greet everybody a happy holiday and hope you have a blast last Christmas.

This year has been good to me specially after my car accident last February where I wrecked our car but came out with just just some minor bruise and a couple of loose teeth. Since then I have been more keen to just focus on working instead and it turned out well by being blessed with projects.

On skill side what I was hoping to get certified with PHP within the year is yet again shifted to next year. I’ve been quite busy with client projects and learning new skills particulary salesforce.com which we will be using on our next big project.

On business side I have registered myself as a company and would be coming up with a new product a sort of a social network business directory. I would still be sticking with my client but work on this new product as a source of passive income. Something that would generate me some money even if I’m not working I’m earning. Is this possible? Hehe. Some found out how to do it so you will never know if it would work out unless you try. So I’m pushing ahead with this goal hopefully January of 2010.

I have a lot more to look forward to in 2010 but I also have a lot of things that “could have”, “would have” for 2009. I just learned from the past and move forward and be more productive in 2010. Hope you guys do the same too. Let’s go.

Word Wrap on Eclipse

Over the past few months I’ve changed my working environment(IDE) for PHP from Dreamweaver, which I have been using for the last past years with occasional use of PHP Designer 2007, 2008. It did the work but I wanted more features and tools. Then I switched to ZendStudio built on Eclipse. It was complete and powerful but I find it not close to the Eclipse IDE which I loved on Flex Builder 3 built on Eclipse. So that ended me up in using a more familiar IDE which is Eclipse PDT for PHP.

So far it has been working great and I have all the tools I need. Just one feature missing though is the word wrapping which I rely cause its just a hassle to scroll sideways just to view the codes. Fortunately there is a workaround to this missing functionality.

Found this alpha plugin if you are interested with getting this feature on Eclipse.



Google Adwords Pending/Under Review

Seems like I’m not the only one experiencing this issue with running a new ad on Google Adwords. Previously when I run an ad it would get approved in less than 5 minutes. Now it’s more than 24 hours and my ad is still not running. The ad is even a simple one, we just wanted to run an ad so we can quickly get feedback for a survey we are conducting.

Here is a link to other users affected by this “approval system” for new ads on Google.


I wonder why Google is actively promoting Google Adwords, I even get emails for free 2K to start using the ad system and I see banners everywhere, but they are soo missing a lot more potential clients on the delay on their approval system.

It’s almost close to 48 hours. I hope Google sees there is a big issue with their ad approval system.