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Recently I needed a screen capture addon for Firefox for a WordPress project I was working on. What I needed was an easy way to capture a screen then save the screenshot easily without using Photoshop or Paint for the task. I then have to upload the capture to my wordpress post.

I found out Fireshot Pro to do what I needed, it offers more than the usual screen capture for it has an option to save, upload and edit the screenshot with the built in editing tools. So far so good but seems this takes several steps. Just when I was about to live on and use it for my project, I found another tool that simplifies the task further. This has got to be the best addon for WordPress, it is specifically created to work for wordpress. Currently it is experiemental but it works great. Screen Grab for WordPress.

With this addon I was able to capture a screenshot of the page I want and can do a selection. The best thing is that it allows posting to your WordPress using XML-RPC.

What is XML-RPC?  From wiki pedia It is a remote procedure call protocol which uses XML to encode its calls and HTTP as a transport mechanism.

4 things I needed to do to get setup.

1. Download the addon and restart Firefox

2. Go to Tools and choose Addons, select Screen Grab, then hit Options, Setup the blog details, fill in the blog URL, username and password. Cool thing is it allows adding multiple blogs.

3. Next signed in to your admin in WordPress. I went to settings then  Reading, checked the option Enable the WordPress, Movable Type, MetaWeblog and Blogger XML-RPC publishing protocols then save.

4. With that option enabled, when using Screen Grab for WordPress, simply right click on a page then choose Screen Grab! With Online Upload, then select either Save, Copy or Post. I used Post then Selection and select the image or text I wanted to capture and use in my blog post. After that select the blog where to post to. It automatically generates the post and uploaded the image to my upload folder plus generated a title for my post.

It made my wordpress project site a breeze to update. Hope you find it useful too.

4 thoughts on “WordPress Firefox add-ons for screen capture

  1. Would you PLEASE post some directions on exactly how you were able to use this add-on to update a WordPress post? I do not have that reading option from your step 3 above. Did you find something online somewhere telling you to do that? Which options in what order are needed to select a section of an existing Web site and add an image of that selection to a WP post? Thank you so much.

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