Hello Blog

This blog needs a revamp. Been a long time since my last post. I just want to share that I just migrated to a different country because I got a job offer as a senior consultant:). All thanks to Salesforce, totally worth the sweat and tears spent on studying and working on the platform. Anyway I’ll revamp this blog this month as I finally got some free time on my hands. Needs a redesign, a new server(nginx), organisation of topics that would focus on Salesforce, mobile and some other whimsical stuffs . I want this blog to a resource for salesforce. Cheers!

Welcome 2014

Welcome 2014. 2013 went by so fast. It was so busy, fun, stressful yet productive. I want 2014 this time to be different I want to work smarter and not harder. Be effective vs being efficient, I was efficient but was not that effective meaning I was working more.

I have set some goals in the past and most of them I have accomplished. We got our new house, furnished it, started my woodworking hobby, got better in Salesforce and AWS, I got more healthy as I’m doing daily exercise with P90x and now Body Beast.

This time I would be more effective and be my “Super Self”. I’m going to reach new heights on goals I want to accomplished.

So bring it on 2014. Let’s all be rich!

TODO for 2011

After long hiatus from blogging I’m back with a post on things todo for 2011. 2010 was most fruitful and rewarding, so looking forward to more blessing to come for 2011.

On my todo list for 2011 starting with some IT then to the personal goals.
1. Learn Andriod – yep I bought my andriod powered phone last year and haven’t tapped into it’s full potential
2. Learn Photography – this is already in a roll and to be crossed out in my todo list as I enrolled on fundamental photography classes in Mega Tutors in San Fernando, first day of class is today. Will post more info soon.
3. Get certified in Advanced Force.com – need to study more.
4. Learn Ruby and Heroku
5. Get a MacBook Pro and learn IOS – my plan is this March when all my bills are paid, I’ll get the 0% 12 mos to pay scheme.
6. Buy wife an iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4 – will use her unit for my apps. lol.
7. Get certified in PHP
8. Finish Preschoolville’s interactive website – project for my wife
9. Make TravelandGobble.com live and profitable

Then for some personal goals
1. Transfer to new apartment untill I can afford to buy a new house.
2. Pay off loan to my mother-in-law
3. Save atleast 20% for house downpayment
4. Travel around the Philippines atleast 3-4 times a year with the family.
5. Travel asia or around the world atleast once a year.
6. Get into the Gym
7. Start biking again and make it a habit.
8. Get a new SUV preferrably a Montero.
9. Enroll in a culinary school – been watching too much top chef and master chef on cable lol.

Pretty ambitious and expensive goals but this is what will drive me to get better on what I do so we live comfortably.

Dropping By

Wow another long hiatus from blogging, everything seems to move so fast when your busy. Just dropping a new post to remind me to keep this blog alive. Here are rants on some projects I have been busy with. I’ve been into cloud computing since company shifted from PHP/MySQL to Salesforce.com and have been very busy with projects. We have a GITEX conference that we are a member and we need to wrap up a SF application. Plus I get to retry that damn elusive certification this November again. I really need to get that certification done with. Arrgh.. So much to learn, so much to do yet so little time that I sometimes feel down. But I shouldn’t let this put me down. I got to be consistent and be the best at what I do.

Another thing bothering me is that I finally got to move out of my inlaws house and now renting a small apartment. I can’t afford a house yet so we are renting. I’m been trying to budget how I can afford to get a new house by next year with all financial strains on our budget. I need to resurrect our savings. Anyway just ranting this out to get it out of my system, good thing I have a blog to write this stuffs about. Now I feel motivated to continue. Thanks for reading.

The Travel and Gobble Project

My wife and I like to dine out alot and experience new foods, we also like to relax, unwind and travel. plan to travel more this year. Since we are both such food and travel enthusiast we decided to create a social business directory website dedicated only to food and travel. We had plan to build this website last year but due to my super busy schedule it always gets pushed to the background. Now we decided to just launch for now as a Beta as not all the features are fully functional yet. It is now on beta and we encourage you if you have a travel agency, a hotel, a restaurant or a resort feel free to sign up and get more exposure to your business. We got alot more goodies instore for this project in the future as I get more free time coding. Visit Travel and Gobble and plan your vacation or dining experience.

Travel and Gobble