Introduced for some time now particularly in Winter 15. Queueable Apex addresses some short coming of the @future methods. It’s an offspring of the marriage of @future methods and Batch Apex.

Queueable Apex allows you to submit jobs for asynchronous processing similar to future methods with the following additional benefits:

  • Non-primitive types – you can pass SObjects and custom apex types
  • Monitoring – you can monitor the job from the Apex jobs page in Setup or query the AsyncApexJob record
  • Chaining Jobs – create sequential jobs

How to use Queueable Apex:

    • Create a class that implements the Queueable interface
    • If you are going to make callouts you need to extend your implementation to Datatabase.AllowCallouts
    • To allow multiple primitive types create a contructor and call the public void execute method.
    • To execute the class, call it from your logic
    • There you can chain jobs by calling another Queueable class on the execute method.

Things to note: This counts to the your limit of 250 limit for asynchronous process per 24 hours.

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