Philips 5000 S5582/20 SkinIQ Shaver with Pop-up Trimmer Review

S5586/20 heads

This is my review of the Philips 5000 S5586/20 SkinIQ wet & dry shaver.

A while back I did a review of the Philips 5000 S5466/17 wet and dry shaver, you can check that post and my youtube video for more details.

In that video, I mentioned that the unit turns off every now and then while shaving (initially thought it was because I had too much shaving gel)  and my other comment in that video was the shaver could use a bit more power.

After a few more shaves both wet and dry I wasn’t convinced with the S5466 performance. As it had a 90-day money-back guarantee I returned the product and upgraded to this model.

With the refund money of $174 NZD, I upgraded to the Phillips 5000 series S5582/20 model with SkinIQ Technology which I got for a good deal by adding $20+ NZD more with a total cost of $197 NZD.

Now that I know a bit more about rotary motor-type shavers, I have something to compare with.

The S5582 specs are the following

  • 90,000 cutting actions/minute
  • 45 self-sharpening blades
  • 360 degrees flexing heads – has hair guiding channels
  • Power Adapt Sensor – reads 125x per second, adjusts to your beard for effortless trimming (SkinIQ Technology)
  • LED display with icons to use
  • 60 minutes use with 1-hour charge
  • Pop-up trimmer
  • Wet & dry

What’s in the box


The Philips 5000 S5586 seems to come in different versions /20, /50, /66 and etc.. which seems to be the way to know which accessories come with the unit. The /20 model comes with just the cover.

For the S5586/20 model, we have the manual, and safety product information—an additional extra year warranty card.

Out of the box, it seems the shaver battery is low so it won’t turn on.

Feel for the product. 

Shaver is lightweight and the ergonomic grip is made of anti-rubber material but feels sturdy. 

360 contour heads

  • Flexible heads follow your facial counter
  • To open up there is this button to push and shows the internal.
  • Twisting the head pops the thing right off.
  • Just push down to put it back in place till hear you hear the click

Lock usage

Similar to the S5566/17 model it has this cool feature to lock the device.

If you don’t want this shaver to accidentally turn on when the button is pressed like when it’s in a suitcase or a bag, you can press and hold the button for 3 seconds then release it. This would lock the unit.

To release the lock hold the button again for 3 seconds then release it.

Final Thoughts

This is a big jump in power and you can tell immediately that it cuts well. Best to use the pop-up trimmer first and do repeated passes with the shaver.

The wet shave cut is smooth and looks like it can even work with thicker beards.

I really like this upgrade and every shave is now seamless without the unit dying out mid-shave.

Will give it another try next week and do a dry shave. There you go, hope you like this review. 

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