Notes on Provisioning Communities Users in Salesforce

I learned the different methods to provision external users in Salesforce. * You can create Customers and Partners * depending on account type you can create certain users * personaccount and contact – customers * account – partner/customer * Account owner must have a role * You can manually create contact and enable as customer […]

How To Install Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate on Google Cloud Compute with a Bitnami Stack

So wanted to do this for some time now and got the chance to do this now as I wanted to share something new everyday. Let’s Encrypt is a free, automated and open Certificate Authority. Today I learned it was not straight forward to install. I first tried to add the ppa certbot and when […]

Share and Learn Something New Everyday – Single Sign On with Mobile SDK and Salesforce Identity

So I’m putting this post out there to motivate myself to share something everyday till 2019. Teach something that I know or have learned with regards to Salesforce development, web development or stuffs related to technology in general, big, small or  just my study notes. I’m prepping up to seat down the Identity and Access Management […]

First Architect Certification. My Tips and Takeaways from the Integration Architecture Designer Examination

I’ve been holding off taking the Architect exams until I got the Platform Devoper II done and dusted which I did last month. This is my first ever Architect certificate. I’ve set out a journey to be a Certified Technical Architect #journeyToCTA,  the pinnacle of Salesforce Certification.  I have a lined up my certification goals […]

Finally! Salesforce Platform Developer II Certification Completed

The journey to get this certificate was the longest, hardest and most cherished one for me. I had to get past several challenges professionally and emotionally. Back then it was called Advanced Developer (501). The exam is broken down into three parts. Multiple choice examination, a programming assignment, and an essay. My advanced developer journey […]

Field Service Lightning Certification Preparation and Takeaways

The Salesforce Field Service Lightning certification I feel is one of the easier certifications among the rest that I have taken so far. This June, I’ve set a goal to get two Salesforce certifications. Got one down and another to go! What helped tremendously on my learning was attending 2 day free training from Salesforce […]

How to Send Emails from WordPress on a Google Cloud Compute Instance

Google Compute Engine does not allow outbound connections on ports 25, 465 and 587. These SMTP ports are blocked by default due to abuse. For sending emails through the Google cloud compute instance Google recommends the following: Relay emails through your G suite(formerly known as Google Apps) account Relay using third party email service such […]

Tips and Takeaways From Getting the Apex Specialist Superbadge

I’ve started the new certification path for the Platform Developer II as I already passed the multiple choice question a long time ago but it was ridiculously hard getting a slot on the programming assignment. With this new format, I would need to complete these four superbadges. So, 1 out 4 completed. I got the […]

Demystifying JSON Parsing In Apex

Learn by demystifying JSON parsing in Apex. You got back a JSON string either as a response from a REST service, passed through from your visual force page via remote action, or passed from your lighting component to your apex controller, now how do you parse this information? For simple JSON structures Salesforce can automatically […]

Using the Batch Resource Salesforce REST API

While coming up with a solution design for  an API integration piece for work I found the REST API batch resource feature relevant to my use case. The feature has been around since Summer 2015 and I didn’t know much about it then. Basically the batch resource allows you to make multiple request in a […]