How to Fix Activation Errors – Duplicate Name Found When Deploying OmniStudio Calculation Procedures

Quick tip on how to fix activation errors with OmniStudio Calculation Procedures

What is the error?

When deploying calculation procedures you might end with an error such as:

Deploy Error :
CalculationProcedure/MarginCalculations -- DataPack >> MarginCalculations -- Error Message -- Duplicate Name Found
CalculationProcedure/ClonedMarginCalculations -- DataPack >> ClonedMarginCalculations -- Error Message -- Duplicate Name Found

The error is not clear on what we have done wrong. There is hint though that there is a duplicate name somewhere.

What is the root cause?

The cause of the problem is when you clone and existing Calculation Procedure that contains several older versions. During cloning you specify a new name for the Calculation Procedure but it also cloned the older version names.

Technically you end up with a two Calculation Procedures that contains same history versions.

What is the fix?

The fix is simple, you need to delete the old version history on the cloned calculation procedure.

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