Looking Back at 2020

Happy New Year! Hope everyone is safe. This is my yearly recap as I look back on stuffs I have set out to do for 2020 and setting out new goals for 2021.

Happy New Year 2021

2020 was a roller coaster ride. It was the pandemic year where millions of lives have changed around the world and brought about uncertainty.

On the flipside 2020 was more generous to me. Early January I picked up a book Atomic Habits by James Clear and read different perspective on settings goals and building a system to achieve those goals. My goals has always been the same year in and year out with slight increase level of challenges. So with these tips I incorporated these thoughts in what I do. Focus on the system and not the goals.

I am passionate about increasing my passive income and built goals around these and achieved several of them.

  • Got 1000 subscribers in my Youtube channel and finally able to monetised it
  • Started investing in stocks and funds in New Zealand and United States
  • Sold and bought Bitcoins
  • Bought a motorbike themed website motorcycledrivingschoolcafe.com from Flippa.com
  • Published my first ebook.
  • Started a new website PassiveIncomeTalks.com
  • Bought a house and now in the property ladder
  • Started building a motorbike maintenance app

Career wise and learning I managed to get an in-depth knowledge on Salesforce CICD and Lightning Components.

There are some goals I didn’t achieve as I didn’t have a system to follow, but added them for my 2021 goals.

And for my 2021 goals I am passionate about self-improvement and aim to improve on the following.

  • Become a better writer
  • On my previous life I used to be a graphic designer, now want to create more digital assets and sell my vector artworks.
  • I found the love drawing again and want to increase my drawing skills.
  • With this renewed designs skills I should be able to level up Amazon Merch to Tier 500 this year.
  • Learn video editing and animation.

For technology and development

  • Finish my motorbike maintenance app
  • Build my networth App and turn it to a SAAS product.
  • Get couple of certifications – Javascript/Azure and Amazon AWS.
  • Salesforce MVP is still in the block.

Hope you had a great year too and looking forward to a better and bigger 2021.

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