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Earlier last month I finally started a new Youtube Channel, it was an idea to start a tutorial course for topics I am most passionate about and doing at the moment. I was already doing this by blogging but found that doing videos is soo much fun. I have started some PHP HowTos, Salesforce Communities HowTos, and some Mac HowTos. I’ll probably match a video tutorial and a blog post in the future. Plan to grow the channel with more HowTos as I further develop my skills in Javascript(nodejs, reactjs), mobile development(IOS and Android). Though still in it’s first month I have some decent views and have received very supportive comments from viewers.

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2 thoughts on “Just Another Dang How To Channel

  1. Hi Paul,

    I enjoyed your Django swift backend tutorial very much! I learned alot! I have a quick question about using API call with Django Rest framework. How do you interact with Image (.jpeg/.jpg files) and Audio Files (.mp3 files) with swift?

    For the django side of things, I used:
    image = models.ImageField(upload_to=”img”)
    audio = models.FileField(upload_to=’music’)

    struct Account: Codable, Hashable {}
    I am not sure how to conform to the Account struct above… Thank you!


    1. Glad you enjoyed that series. Quite some libraries to use to accomplish this last time. I may need to brush up on what’s new in Swift and get back to you. Looking forward to posting a video on this.

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