Internet Marketing the way to go

I noticed that the good blogs out there like Shoemoney and John Chow are  getting huge amount of traffic not because they are good web designers or developers, they get huge amount of traffic because they have damn good skills in internet marketing.

Well, what is internet marketing? Isn’t this what you are already doing? You might not know it but the effort you allocate on building traffic on your website is already part of this skill. Quoted from Imperial Software System – “Internet Marketing – A concentrated marketing effort applied through the Internet. These include lead generation activities such as SEO and SEM, affiliate marketing, banner ads and emails. More importantly internet marketing also includes market analysis, benchmarking, performance measurement and customer relationship management.” It is a whole approach on how to market your site using different technologies, be it affiliate marketing to social networking. Anything that brings traffic to your site. This is good because this is something that has drawn the site visitor to your site. With the increase in traffic you can monetize on that traffic by selling adspace on your website.

With the recent crisis in economy, this skill in internet marketing would be more in demand. It is cheaper than traditional marketing. I see a great boom in this industry. So this coming months I’m going to try to focus on building my skills on internet marketing.

4 thoughts on “Internet Marketing the way to go

  1. Hi,

    You are right. All the forcasts have been for continued expansion of the internet. The current climate is only going to add to that. I can see that more and more business will move from the high street to the internet, as well as more small home based businesses. It is important for any business to have an online presence and building strong internet marketing skills is definately the way to go.

  2. Exactly, things will get busier and competition will tougher, the earlier you adapt internet marketing skills not only for blogs for selling adspace, but for ecommerce and other services you offer, the better your chances to succeed.

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