How To Upload Videos to Adobe Stock using SFTP

In this post we are going to learn how to upload videos to Adobe Stock using SFTP for submission.

Last week I got myself a Sony Mirrorless camera ZV-E10 and made a camera review which I have been experimenting with and shooting tons of videos. I wanted to share videos and started submitting them to Adobe Stock. Here are the steps to start uploading your videos to Adobe Stock.

Getting Started

To get started head over to Adobe Stock. Sign in or login with your credentials. Click on the Upload button.

Upload Adobe Stock Videos

This page only support uploading images and vector artwork. Uploading photos and artwork are straight forward, you drag and drop to the browser, to upload videos though we need an SFTP(Secure File Transfer Protocol) client to start uploading. We need the credentials to connect this server.

Click on the Learn More link in the middle of the screen and we would see the credential details. Click on Generate Password and copy that password, we would use it later.

Upload Adobe Stock Videos, SFTP Details

Getting an SFTP Client

SFTP is short for Secure File Transfer Protocol. Adobe allows to connect to their SFTP server by using a SFTP client. Adobe recommends Filezilla and I recommend it too, it’s open source and been using it for years.

Download and install the Filezilla client from

Filezilla client

Once installed, we would enter the credentials, grab the host and your personal user credentials. 

Click on the Site Manager and click on new Site, give it a name and enter the following.

  • Protocolo: SFTP – SSH File Transfer Protocol
  • Host:
  • User: 2XXXXXXX
  • Password: ******
Adobe Stock SFTP settings

Once connected, we can start uploading our videos. Drag and drop to the right section to start uploading. You can also browse using the explorer if you prefer.

Set the Metadata

Once upload has completed, go back to the contributor upload section and the video should appear. Add the relevant metadata and then submit.

Adobe Stock video uploaded


There you go, short and easy tutorial how to upload videos to Adobe Stock using SFTP. Hope you learned a thing or two on this tutorial. Hit the comments section below if you have questions.

Check out my channel for the walkthrough.

Cheers, till next time. I’m out.

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