How To Add a Launch Screen Without Using Storyboards in Xcode

Quick tip on how to add launch screen without using storyboards in Xcode. In Xcode you have two options for creating launch screens, you can use storyboards or you can do it just by editing the info.plist file. In this tutorial we will use the technique of using the info.plist file.


Prepare your assets like the color scheme and the image.

To add a launch screen go to the Info.plist file and add a Launch Screen entry.

Under the Launch Screen entry, add a Background color entry and assign your color scheme.

Next, add another entry for Image Name and assign your image asset

Then finally add another entry for Image respects safe area insets and assign YES.

It should look like the screenshot above.


Just like that you have a storyboard. Build and test your app in a simulator. It should open with launch screen.

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