Godaddy Checkout Issue

I encountered a problem with Godaddy today when renewing a domain using my credit card which I have stored on Godaddy, suddenly I’m getting the  error

“There was a problem authorizing your credit. Please verify your payment information or use an alternate form of payment.”

After some googling I found out it is common on Paypal type of payment method, but I’m not using Paypal. After some more investigating I remember I paid for the domain before using Paypal but now I’m paying via card.  The domain is on auto renew for Paypal.

Follow the steps below for the fix.

1. Go to My Account
2. My Payment Information
3. Click on View all Renewing Items link
4. This should list all the domains you have purchased with columns like Reciept, Next Billing date, and Auto
5. If the domain you are trying to renew is on Auto on: You would see the mode of payment either Paypal: username or the card version Visa: #####
7. Select the checkbox of the domain you are renewing and hit Update Payment Option
8. On Change Payment Type choose Select From Existing and choose your card then Save.
That should be it, go back to the checkout for your shopping cart and you should be able to purchase/renew without the error.
Hope this helps.

6 thoughts on “Godaddy Checkout Issue

  1. Godaddy – “The credit-card number you provided is not valid. Please verify your payment information or use a different card.” I live in Bangalore, India. I have an “Indian Overseas Bank” CC.
    help, this is my first purchase… U-R-G-E-N-T.

  2. But what if I want to Buy New Domain … not Renewing ….
    I’m getting same error while purchasing new domain … tried 2-3 cards but all gives same error …

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