Fixing Post Title Showing Uppercase In WordPress

The Issue?

When creating a new post and post title appears as uppercase during edit and when published, the unintended results is your post title is out of whack with a mix of upper and lowercase. It can be the most annoying thing ever.

The Culprit?

Most of the time the problem is from the stylesheet of either the theme or from a plugin. It can start happening after a new theme is applied or new plugin installed and also from an update from any of the two.

And, How To Fix It?

You would need to inspect the post title element using the Chrome or Safari browser developer tools.

  • Right click on the Post Title and choose Inspect Element

Next, on the developer tools, the particular textarea should still be highlighted. Look into the CSS property. From the CSS inspector the selected element has CSS applied that would include changing the text to uppercase.

If I hover the xxxx.css link I would be able to tell from which directory it is being served from, we can then tell if it’s a theme or a plugin stylesheet.

In this example it is from a theme, so editing the stylesheet and removing the text-transform should fix it.

One thought on “Fixing Post Title Showing Uppercase In WordPress

  1. Nice method, but what if you don’t want all words to be upper cased? Also, have you checked the outcome of this on Google? When the scrapper picks up your title, they will show the improper case.

    I therefor can’t recommend this. 🙁

    I’ve worked hard to make a plugin does this. Its great, and completely Free. No Premium version, no Fremium. Just Open Source, Ads and Optional Donations support it.

    Check it out here


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