First Architect Certification. My Tips and Takeaways from the Integration Architecture Designer Examination

I’ve been holding off taking the Architect exams until I got the Platform Devoper II done and dusted which I did last month. This is my first ever Architect certificate. I’ve set out a journey to be a Certified Technical Architect #journeyToCTA,  the pinnacle of Salesforce Certification.  I have a lined up my certification goals for the coming months.

I recommend having implemented at least a data integration or system integration project before sitting down this exam. Same with other exams its 60 + 5 extra questions.. 105 minutes allotted and passing score of 67%.  Questions are 80+% scenario based, take your time reading through them, I only had 12 mins spare.

Here is how I prepared for the Integration Architecture Designer exam.

  • Grab Certification Exam Guide
  • Download the Integration Architecture Resource Guide
  • Focus on the following
    • Do the Data Integration Superbadge
    • Outbound Messaging (features, limitations, use of callbacks)
    • SOAP API (When to use, contract-first, limits, Enterprise and Partner WSDL, getting deltas, data replication, limits)
    • REST API
    • Bulk API (lots of questions, LDV, parallel, serial)
    • Streaming API
    • Metadata API
    • Integration Patterns (lots of scenarios)
      • Remote Call Invocation – Request and Reply
      • Remote Call Invocation – Fire and Forget
      • UI Update on Data Change
      • Batch Synchronization
    • Continuation and Long Running Calls
    • Visualforce
    • Canvas Apps
    • Apex Web Services
    • Apex REST API
    • Named Credentials ( Per User)
    • Concurrent Requests
    • API Limits
    • Middleware (lots of questions, orchestration, when to recommend, change data capture, ETL, MDM)
    • Security ( TLS, Certificates, Base64 encoding)
    • Einstein Analytics(Dataflow, data source)
    • Mock Test Classes (Static resource)
    • UAT, Testing and Perfomance
    • Authentication (Session ids, OAuth)
    • Matching and Duplications Rules
    • Lightning Connect (as per Summer 18, some features are already possible eg. write)
    • Enterprise Architecture(Queueing, Messaging, ESB)

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