Ajax caching issue with IE workaround

If you’ve been developing websites I’m sure you pretty feel a little nausea from browser refreshing after an operation and prefer to work with AJAX for updating, deleting or loading some data from your DB with out the page reloading.

Most commonly used is http request is GET, your script runs flawlessly with Firefox, Chrome and Safari however on IE7 & and IE8 you don’t see the updates. This is because IE 7 and IE 8 treat GET request differently than POST, if there is no change from the last call it will always load up from it’s cache.

The workaround to the issue is pass an ever changing variable to the GET request like the current timestamp or date.

1. You can pass it on the ajax function call by adding an extra parameter time on the ajax call on the page.

ajaxify(x,<?php echo time(); ?>); // ajaxify(keywords, rand_time)

Then on your ajax function xmlHttp request call the rand_time parameter

xmlHttp.open(“GET”,”includes/ajax_page.php?dontcacheme=” + rand_time +”&keywords=”+keywords,true);

2. Or just create the random string using a Javascript Date class.

xmlHttp.open(“GET”,”includes/ajax_page.php?dontcacheme=” + new Date().getTime() +”&keywords=”+keywords,true);

This workaround worked well with my ajax scripts. Hope it helps.

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