UV Lens and Night Photography

Learned another lesson today by mistake the hard way on UV Protectof filter, night photography and long exposure.  The thing is last week while in the mall I stopped by Pixelpro just to canvas some lens and umbrella, I ended up buying a TiFFEN UV Protector filter. My purpose for it was to protect the lens from bringing scratched and dust,  not the blocking of ultraviolet rays thingie which is debatable as I know it was originally intended for film cameras where it causes a haze but not on digital sensors. I thought you just put in the UV protector filter and never remove as it wont affect my shots.

So just for practice took a photoshoot of my niece and didnt notice any difference. But tonight’s photoshoot which  I was waiting for and excited for the past few days was our night photography class using a tripod and long exposures.

Below are couple of shots with same settings. Bet you can spot the problem right away, both were taken with 30 secs shutter speed at f16 and iso 100.

For the whole photoshoot I had the UV lens filter on and got alot of flare and all ruining all my shots. Scratching my head why my shots of the lights looks different. After the class I compared with my other colleagues and he asked me if I have any filter and try to remove it. Frustrated with my shots, I took one last shot and that was it, the UV filter was the culprit.  I don’t know if I can get the chance again to do that kind of photoshoot with vehicles running by us at about 60-80km/hr at Olongapo-Gapan road.

Lessoned learned for night photography be sure you don’t have any UV filter on, it causes a big difference on your shots alot of dodge and lens flare.

Lots of new Force.com features in Spring ’11

Spring 11 is out with a bang with about 170 overall releases.
Here are the new features for the release on Force.com only.
  1. Criteria Based Sharing Rules – allows you to share records based on value of a particular field.
  2. Force.com Flows
  3. Package Support Access
  4. Trialforce Email Branding – if your using trialforce you can brand the email copy instead of the generic sf email when a user signs to your trialforce page.
  5. Mass User Licensing for Managed Packages –  ability to add/remove via a group of users
  6. Force.com Apex Code Enhancements
    ReadOnly Annotation
    Chatter Triggers
    Revised Governor Limits
    Apex Test Framework—Pilot
  7. System Log Console Execution Summary
  8. Visualforce Enhancements – what I like is the support for inline editing
  9. Field Sets—Beta
  10. API Enhancements
  11. Force.com Development as a Service Enhancements
  12. Change Sets—Generally Available
  13. Security Enhancements
  14. Google Chrome Browser Support
  15. Setup Audit Trail Enhancements
  16. Delegated Approval Email Settings
  17. Daily Limit on Workflow Alert Emails – 1000/24 hours.
  18. Sharing Enhancements
  19. Globalization Enhancements
  20. Outbound Port Enhancement

There is alot of changes so don’t forget to check the updated documentation and training help.

Happy Valentines Everyone

Today is also my birthday, exactly 2 years ago from my car accident,  I’m living my 2nd chance in life to the fullest. Nothing is more complete than a Valentines Birthday!

Godaddy Checkout Issue

I encountered a problem with Godaddy today when renewing a domain using my credit card which I have stored on Godaddy, suddenly I’m getting the  error

“There was a problem authorizing your credit. Please verify your payment information or use an alternate form of payment.”

After some googling I found out it is common on Paypal type of payment method, but I’m not using Paypal. After some more investigating I remember I paid for the domain before using Paypal but now I’m paying via card.  The domain is on auto renew for Paypal.

Follow the steps below for the fix.

1. Go to My Account
2. My Payment Information
3. Click on View all Renewing Items link
4. This should list all the domains you have purchased with columns like Reciept, Next Billing date, and Auto
5. If the domain you are trying to renew is on Auto on: You would see the mode of payment either Paypal: username or the card version Visa: #####
7. Select the checkbox of the domain you are renewing and hit Update Payment Option
8. On Change Payment Type choose Select From Existing and choose your card then Save.
That should be it, go back to the checkout for your shopping cart and you should be able to purchase/renew without the error.
Hope this helps.

Getting into mobile development

Since I’m coming close to wrapping up one of my goals for these year which was  to get into a photography class and finally learn the ins and out. Moving forward on my own I need to learn next the different lighting techniques  which will mold my skill in photography further. I’m just waiting for the release of our certificates this month, I’m moving on to my next goal.

As one of my goals this year was to get into mobile development, I already own an Andriod phone an HTC Hero I bought last year to learn Andriod which didn’t really took off as fast I wanted to, today I bought my wife a 2nd hand Iphone 3G which I can actually use to demo apps that I would be building. I’ll be getting a 13 inch MacBook Pro next month March so everything will be in full swing by then.

For now I’ll be digging deep in the Andriod SDK, will post more soon.