Access denied for user root@’localhost’ (using password: NO)

Been using WAMP for several months now and once in awhile MySQL breaks. Somehow the user tables gets corrupted. To fix the problem instead of reinstalling the whole WAMP. Just replace the corrupted files. These 3 files are always corrupted.


Download this mysqlusertables. Unzip the file, copy the 3 files inside.

Go into your C:\wamp\bin\mysql\mysql5.x.xx\data\mysql directory and paste, click yes to overwrite.

Restart All Service on your WAMP. Then you are good to go.

I’ll keep you posted soon on why these tables easily gets corrupted.


Digging deeper to the culprit I found out the tables for users in the mysql db has warnings, meaning they are corrupt. So to avoid doing the steps above while your MySQL and phpMyAdmin is still working. Go to phpMyAdmin, access mysql db, then select users table then click on operations then under “Table maintenance” click on Repair Table. Viola!!!

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