Hit by Xoom Remittance to the Philippines

Seems alot of people are complaining on the new policy of Xoom. Xoom recently announced that they would stop remittance to the Philippines from non US credit cards or accounts.


And later confirmed by an email I sent to their customer service.

Thank you for contacting Xoom Customer Service.

Firstly, I would like to apologize for inconvenience caused to you regarding this issue. Please be advised that in order to send money to the Philippines you need to have an US Bank account or a US Debit/Credit Card.
Apart from Philippines you can use International Credit card or US bank Account to transfer funds.

Currently we do not have any expected date of re-instating the services; but would encourage you to keep visiting our web-site for any update.

Thank you again for choosing Xoom.com – the Smarter Way to Send Money

Which means my employer in Dubai can no longer send with his local card and account on UAE.

Seems alot of people are hit by this change. Xoom has been actively stopping fraud transactions being done using their service and it has affected even those that uses their service for legit remittance.

I like the service alot for it is fast and can get the transaction done within the day. But time to search for an alternative. Any suggestions besides Paypal to bank transfer (which is normally 2-4 business days) and Western Union?